Deans & Chairs

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Dean, Center for Health & Natural Sciences
Phone: 303.365.8388
Acting Dean, Center for Business, Industry, Technology & Public Service, & Program Chair, Criminal Justice
Phone: 303.352.3194
Dean, Center for Math, English and First Year Experience
Phone: 303.352.6785
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Dean, Center for Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences
Phone: 303.352.3193
Alsaffar Mohammad
Professor, CO-Chair, Information Technology
Phone: 303.352.6017
Jeff Becker
Associate Professor, English
Phone: 303.352.6415
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Program Chair & Professor, Paralegal
Phone: 303.352.3054
Assistant Professor, CIS/CNG, Co-Chair, Information Technology
Phone: 303.352.6601
Program Chair & Associate Professor, Architectural Technology
Phone: 303.352.6586
Shannon Burkhalter
Program Chair & Professor, Veterinary Technology
Phone: 303.365.8374
Program Chair & Associate Professor, Visual Arts & Graphic Design
Phone: 303.352.6924
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Chair, Director, Dental Hygiene
Phone: 303.365.8334
Program Chair & Professor, World Languages
Phone: 303.352.6421
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Program Chair & Professor, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology and Women's Studies
Phone: 303.352.3064
Professor & Chair, Early Childhood Education
Phone: 303.352.3190
Program Chair & Professor, Communication & Journalism
Phone: 303.352.6439
Lorraine Yost
Program Chair, Associate Professor
Phone: 303.365.8372
Bret Hann
Program Chair & Professor, English
Phone: 303.352.6709
Program Chair, Interdisciplinary Sciences & Professor, Biology
Phone: 303.352.6432
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Assistant Professor Practical Nursing
Phone: 303.365.8359
Program Chair & Professor, Health & Wellness
Phone: 303.365.8391
Chris Holcom
Program Chair & Associate Professor, History, Geography, Political Science
Phone: 303.352.6862
Michael Mackey
Program Chair & Professor, Humanities
Phone: 303.352.6860
Program Chair & Assistant Professor, Machine Technologies
Phone: 303.352.3046
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Program Chair & Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Phone: 303.352.3051
Program Chair & Professor, Advanced Academic Achievement
Phone: 303.352.6515
Program Chair & Professor, Human Services
Phone: 303.352.6582
Program Chair & Associate Professor, Performing Arts
Phone: 303.352.6446
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Director of Practical Nursing
Phone: 303.365.8390
Program Chair & Professor, English as a Second Language (ESL)
Phone: 303.352.6335
Program Chair, Professor, Accounting
Phone: 303.352.6826
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Program Chair & Associate Professor, Welding
Phone: 303.352.3047
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Program Chair, Biology, Geology, Environmental Science & Professor, Biology
Phone: 303.352.3168
Program Chair & Associate Professor, Business & Entrepreneurship
Phone: 303.352.6038