About the Program

Are you a registered Radiologic Technologist who loves the patient care aspect of the profession?

Increase your skills and earning potential by adding an additional credential after your name. Mammography is a patient-centered modality, which requires a high level of technical skill.

The medical imaging modality of mammography is an important tool used in the diagnosis of breast cancer. This program will assist you in obtaining the necessary didactic education and mandatory clinical competencies to prepare you to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Mammography Certification Examination.

Get an introduction to mammographic imaging and the fundamentals of mammography at CCD where you can Start Here. Go Anywhere!

What You’ll Learn

The program covers

  • specifics of equipment and instrumentation used in mammographic image production,
  • patient care and positioning,
  • radiation protection and safety,
  • specifics of the Mammographic Quality Standards Act (MQSA) and its requirements for quality control testing,
  • patient assessment and risk factors for breast disease,
  • interventional procedures, and
  • an introduction to breast tomosynthesis imaging.