Office of the Provost

Office of the Provost

A Message from the Provost
Welcome to Community College of Denver!

As our mission statement asserts, “CCD provides our diverse community an opportunity to gain quality higher education and achieve personal success in a supportive and inclusive environment.” Our vision statement is that “Every member of our community will attain the education he or she desires.” When you come to CCD, we will demonstrate these commitments to you.

Committed to You
Every member of our community will attain the education he or she desires.

With many innovative certificate and degree options to choose from, we offer career exploration and counseling if you want to investigate the best career option for you. We have academic advisors you can work with if you are not sure which program is best and excellent faculty and deans will work with you within your selected program.

As you move towards completion of your program, we have many support services to assist you, including tutoring, financial aid advising, financial literacy workshops, accessibility services, and veteran support,. Our CCD Foundation and alumni work hard to build scholarship support for CCD students in all areas of study. Once you get started, we will do all we can to help you complete your program.

Last, our goal is that students who complete our programs achieve our institutional outcomes. They are as follows: A CCD graduate is a complex thinker, is an effective and ethical user of technology, is an effective communicator, is globally aware, is personally responsible, and is a numeric thinker. With these attributes, CCD’s graduates can do anything!

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Student Resources
Departmental Chairs and Deans

View a list of all departmental chairs and deans.

Transfer Agreements

CCD is the best place to start your four-year degree. We have agreements in place that guarantee that you can complete with us, transfer smoothly as a junior, and earn your bachelor’s at your four-year school of choice.

Prior Learning Assessment

Community College of Denver enables you to get class credit for what you have already learned.

Alternative Credit Project

If you have stopped out of college, the Alternative Credit Project (ACP) provides a pool of online courses that CCD will accept towards your degree.

Professional Development Grants

CCD understands that professional development is critical to our students’ success and we encourage you to apply for funding in order to grow your content knowledge, increase your andragogy, and focus on improving your programs.

View the guidelines below if you wish to apply.

If you teach in a general education program, please use the TLC Faculty Professional Development Application. Grant Proposals are reviewed August 15 – April 15.

If you teach in a career and technical education (CTE) program, you need to use the application appropriate to the type of professional development you are seeking.

If you want to attend a conference, training, or workshop – please use the Perkins Project Proposal & Funding Request.

For all other types of professional development – please use the TLC Tracking your Professional Development forms.

Need more information? Contact Jennifer Ferguson.

Career & Technical Education Administration

Look no further for information on faculty credentialing, CTE program management, and Perkins Grant management. We want to be your one-stop-shop for all your administrative needs, so if you need something you cannot find, please email us.

CTE Timeline

View a timeline of CTE important dates.

Faculty CTE Credentialing

Get started on your CTE credential application, renewal, or to understand the credentialing process.

CTE Program Management

Get information on matters specific to CTE programs including VE-135 reporting, performance metrics, five-year and one-year CTE goals, and CCCS review process.

Perkins Grant Management

Get information on how to apply for Perkins grant funding, our current funding projects, and how to ensure that your Perkins-funded equipment is being tracked properly.

Community Clinics

About our Clinics

Community College of Denver’s exceptional programs of study has allowed us to expand our teaching capabilities from traditional classroom settings to hands-on instruction resulting in highly revered community services like that of our Dental Hygiene Clinic and the Veterinary Clinic located on the Lowry location.

These two unique programs offer medical services to the surrounding community, providing dental care to over 1,500 patients a year and issuing veterinary services to hundreds of animals a year. Not only do the students in these programs gain the most hands-on learning experience, but the surrounding community benefits with their services as well.

Please note: We do not allow walk-in appointments.

If you or a family member would like to receive access to dental hygiene, please visit the Dental Hygiene Clinic and request an appointment.

If you're a current CCD student or employee, you can sign your pet up for a vet appointment at our clinic. Please contact Dr. Wendy Economou at 303.365.8371.

Meet the Team
Peter Lindstrom
Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs
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Nathan Barsness
Data & Operations Coordinator for Academic Affairs
Barry Hubbard
Dean of Instruction, Arts, Communication & Design and Education Pathways
Libby Lowrey
Scheduling Manager
Michelle L. Marin-Cox
Director of Academic Operations
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