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Academic Advising & Student Success Center

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CCD’s academic advisors are an active and essential part of your SUCCESS team! Meeting with your assigned academic advisor is critical to ensuring that you choose the right major or program for your educational and career goals and accomplish your graduation and/or transfer goals.

Academic Advising is essential to ensuring you are in the program of study. All students are matched with an expert advisor in their pathway who will work with you throughout your educational journey.

How to prepare before seeing an Advisor
  • Be sure you have completed the Steps to Enrollment
  • Ensure you know how to log into CCD Connect and have your student ID and password with you.
  • Visit our Welcome Desk in Confluence for password reset help.
  • Download and review the Academic Advising Syllabus
  • If you have not yet applied to CCD and need assistance, please get in touch with our Admissions Team.


Students must first complete SOAR Onboarding before Advising. Use your student ID to schedule an appointment through Navigate or call our office. Appointments are typically scheduled one to three weeks in advance and offered to students September - December and February - July. There is limited appointment availability in January and August.

CCD students collaborating
Drop-In Help
Virtual and In-Person options for Quick Assistance with the First Available Advisor

For quick questions without an appointment. First come, first served. 10-15 minute appointment.

Located at the Academic Advising Front Desk at Confluence Building, Room 123, at 800 Curtis St.

Auraria Campus: 

  • July 15 - July 26 | Mondays - Fridays: 10 am to 12:30 pm | Wednesdays: 5 pm to 6 pm
  • July 29 - Aug 9 | Mondays - Fridays: 8 am to 1 pm & 2 pm - 5 pm | closed for lunch 1 pm - 2 pm
  • Aug 9 - Aug 23 | Mondays - Fridays: 7 am to 1 pm & 2 pm - 6 pm | closed for lunch 1 pm - 2 pm

Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) (2570 31st Street): 

  • July 15 - July 26 | Wednesdays: 8 am to 5 pm
  • July 29 - Dec 10 | Wednesdays: 8 am to 5 pm

Lowry Campus Health Sciences (1070 Alton Way): 

  • July 16, July 24, July 29, Aug 14, Aug 19 | 8 am - 1 pm & 2 pm - 5 pm

Drop into a virtual group chat with an Advisor. 

Get answers to general advising questions via email from the first available advisor. Please allow two to three business days for a reply.

  • For currently enrolled students only.
  • Please send an email from your CCD Student Email account to
  • Please include your Name, S-Number, Program of Study, and detailed question. 
  • You may also email your assigned advisor directly. 
  • For specific advising and more complex questions, we recommend making an appointment or utilizing our drop-in options.
Helpful Links
Learning Options

Discover more about CCD's in-person, online, and remote learning options.

Degree Types

Learn about the various degree and certificate types offered at CCD.

Academic Pathways

Browse the complete list of Academic Pathways available at CCD.

Academic Programs

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Student Success Programs

Community College of Denver's Advising center offers support programs to help you succeed at CCD in academics, financial knowledge, and personal wellness.

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) provides comprehensive academic, financial, and personal guidance within an active community of students and staff. All TRIO SSS participants are overcoming obstacles to higher education — such as limited income, being the first generation to go to college, or having a disability — en route to graduation and transfer.

Denver Scholars Program is designed for students who are receiving a scholarship from CCD or the Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF). For any CCD scholarship recipients who are mandated to participate in a support program, this support program accepts any and all scholars!

All DSF candidates and current DSF scholarship recipients are required to participate in this program throughout your duration at CCD or the scholarship will be revoked. To apply to the program, visit the Denver Scholarship Foundation website or contact Citlalith Medrano or Cynthia R. Gallegos.

As a member, you will have access to the following resources.

Educational Planning

  • Educational Counseling, Support, & Advocacy
  • Career Exploration
  • Academic Advising, Course Selection, & Registration
  • Create a Class-by-Class Guide to Earning Your Degree/Certificate

Financial Aid

  • DSF Reapplication Assistance
  • Assistance with Completing the FAFSA
  • Help with Completing Any Missing Documents
  • Scholarship Searches

The Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) suggests you join SEED (Students-Empowered-Educated-Determined) if you are interested in transferring to the University of Colorado Denver or to Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Made possible by the Mordecai Family Foundation, SEED is part of DSF and was designed to help you with your path to a bachelor’s degree here on the Auraria Campus — starting at CCD and transferring to the Metropolitan State University of Denver or the University of Colorado Denver.

SEED will help you successfully transfer with

  • an assigned university transfer advisor to assist you with the transferring process,
  • application completion assistance and the application fees waived,
  • tours of the Universities,
  • registration assistance,
  • degree planning, and
  • tutoring & peer mentoring.

SEED Campus Contact

Cynthia R. Gallegos

Frequently Asked Questions

CCD's advising model is designed to better serve our students with a one-student, one-advisor framework. Please view the Academic Advising Syllabus for details. Ideally, you will meet with one academic advisor throughout your academic career at CCD. We utilize an appointment system and encourage students to plan on several days' advance notice. 

During the months of January and August, availability for individual meetings is very limited since we move to a walk-in, quick assistance model for last-minute help before the fall and spring semesters begin. If you wish to have an individualized one-on-one appointment, please schedule this for any other month of the year.

Advisors can meet with students who are enrolled at CCD or who have completed their application to CCD and have a student ID number. Prospective students should contact our Admissions department instead of Academic Advising.

Yes, for a 1:1 private meeting that lasts 30-45 minutes. Drop-in advising is offered for quick questions and may be done in a group setting, with the first available advisor during special walk-in hours, which are limited. Appointment scheduling is very limited during last-minute registration prior to the start of each semester. For the best appointment availability, please schedule at least a month before classes start. Most advisors are scheduled about a week or two in advance and are available for in-person, virtual, and phone appointments.

All programs and majors at CCD have been organized into eight advising pathways, each with its own academic advising experts. Once you have declared a certificate or degree, you will be assigned to an advisor in your pathway.

Once you have completed your SOAR (Student Orientation and Resources) and declared a certificate or degree, you will be assigned to an advisor in your pathway.

You can also view a list of advisors in all pathways. 

Yes, depending on your certificate/degree, you will be assigned within the appropriate Pathway. Confirm who your assigned advisor is each semester.

The certificate/degree you select determines which advisor will be assigned to you.

If you are undeclared and need help deciding on a career path and what to declare, the Educational Opportunity Center can help guide you. You can also ask our Chatbot, "Help me pick a major," and you will be guided through some questions and shown programs that match your needs and interests. When you feel ready, schedule an appointment with our Undecided Student Advisor.

Meet the Team
Joy Schalders-Burton
Associate Dean of Student Success
white woman in a green and black blouse with long brown hair smiling
Faisal Ahmed
Academic Advisor
Gary Cooper-Sperber
Senior Academic Advisor
Jerry A. Darnell
Veterans Services Academic Advisor
Cynthia R. Gallegos
Campus Affiliate - DSF SEED Academic Advisor
Emily Good
Academic Advisor
Edi Hernandez
Academic Advisor
Eddie Lara-Chavez
Academic Advisor
Citlalith Medrano
Campus Affiliate - DSF COSI Advisor
Cassandra Otero
Academic Advisor
Petia G. Ouzounova
Academic Advisor
Petia Ouzounova
Celeste Pegues
Engineering Momentum Student Support Specialist
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Todd M. Ramirez
Academic Advisor
Todd Ramirez
Kat Reinhardt
Academic Advisor
Lourdes Schmidt
Academic Advisor
Lynne L. Stefanowski
Academic Advisor
Lynne Stefanowski