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CCD Online

match your busy schedule
Many of our face-to-face degrees and certificates are also available fully online

CCD Online offers flexibility to match your busy schedule. In addition to individual courses, many of our face-to-face degrees and certificates are also available fully online.

CCD Online

These courses are developed and taught by CCD faculty using the same standards as our face-to-face classes. You generally have to go online four or five days a week to complete the work, but you can do that when it works for your schedule. You will be expected to do the same amount of work as in a traditional classroom.

CCD Hybrid

Hybrid classes are online classes with a face-to-face component. They range from 30-90% online, but have regularly scheduled face-to-face meeting times. Please be sure to read your schedule carefully to understand when your class meets.


In addition to the online courses CCD offers, students can also take online courses taught by Colorado Community College Online instructors. These are not CCD instructors, but are instructors with CCCOnline who teach online courses for all 13 community colleges across the state. You will be able to apply these courses to your program here at CCD. To learn more about whether CCCOnline courses are right for you, contact the chair of your department or your academic advisor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Username and Password are the same as your CCDConnect login.

There are a variety of ways we handle labs for online courses. You never have to come to campus to complete a lab. Some courses require you to purchase a lab kit you will use at home. Some courses require you to use a CD that includes lab simulations.

Plan on being online at least one to three hours per week. There will be considerable work and study outside of online class work. Online courses are just as rigorous as campus-based courses and your steady and continued involvement will help put you on the road to successful course completion.

No. If you are a registered CCD student, you can visit one of the computer labs located in Boulder Creek or Confluence. Call for lab hours at 303.556.2600.

The student information system (where you register for classes) is not on the same computer system as Desire2Learn. The information must get transferred. This happens every evening at midnight beginning two weeks before the start of the semester. The information continues to get transferred up through the last date to add a course.

If you need technical help with Desire2Learn, please call the help desk at 888.800.9198 or go to The helpdesk staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Notice for Out-of-State Students

Community College of Denver works through the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) process to ensure that when authorization for delivering online courses is necessary, required approvals are secured. Colorado is a member of SARA and CCD is an approved SARA institution. Therefore, we adhere to the established standards for offering distance education among the member states, districts, and territories. Participation in SARA is intended to make it easier for students to take online courses offered by postsecondary institutions based in another state and CCD is currently authorized or exempt to approval in all states.

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