High School Connections

High School Connections

Begin reaching your educational goals and your path toward college while still in high school

Concurrent enrollment (CE) at CCD allows students to take college classes in high school that seamlessly transfer their classes to a four-year college or to earn a credential and go straight to work.

Not all college partners operate the same way. Only concurrent enrollment ensures transferability to all Colorado public colleges, and only concurrent enrollment has statutorily mandated quality controls in place. The Colorado Department of Education has the information you need to know the difference.

Who Can Participate?

High schools determine who is eligible for concurrent enrollment, so please reach out to your school counselor for information to get you started.

High schools also vary on the types of opportunities they offer students. The options are below.

The general Concurrent Enrollment Program provides high school students with the opportunity to enroll in postsecondary courses while simultaneously earning high school credit – at no cost to the student. These concurrent enrollment opportunities exist at all high schools. Students can take college course work at their high school (high school select) or on our college campus locations (college select).

Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment (ASCENT) is a program that allows admitted students to remain a high school student for a 5th year while they take college courses.

Pathways in Technology Early College High School is a program that pairs a high school, an employer(s), and Community College of Denver together to create a pathway for the student directly from high school to the working world. Abraham Lincoln High School is our P-TECH partner.

Early College High School (EC) is a program by which a student can earn both a high school diploma and a college credential simultaneously.

TREP provides the opportunity for qualified students in an educator pathway to complete up to two years of college free.

Concurrent Enrollment Information

Jump-start college by taking transferrable classes during high school


Your students can attend college for free.

High School Teachers & Administrators

We have the tools and resources to help you meet your students' needs.

High School Counselors

Useful information to assist you in supporting our shared students.

credit toward college
What courses to take?

Classes students take through concurrent enrollment count for credit toward college and toward high school graduation simultaneously.

Courses taken as concurrent enrollment must apply to a program of study (a major) here at CCD or, if you are unsure of your major, they must apply to the general education core of classes that every Colorado college will require.

CCD High school student
Important Dates
Meet the Team
Kaylah Zelig
Dean of Instruction, Academic Planning & Curriculum Services
Person wearing glasses and a black floral shirt.
Maryam Abdilah
Academic Support Coordinator
Peggy Asmus
Concurrent Enrollment Support Specialist for Registration
Smiling person with short brown bob with bangs wearing multi-colored striped top
Ruth Cahill-Cabalar
Academic Support Coordinator
Karl Diaz-Sanders
Concurrent Enrollment Program Navigator for Events, Outreach, and Presentations
Tu Mai
Academic Support Coordinator
Nick Meisner
Concurrent Enrollment Registration Specialist
Nicholas Meisner
Michelle Tenorio
Concurrent Enrollment Program Navigator
Amy Zader
ASCENT and TREP Program Navigator
Smiling person with glasses wearing a teal shirt