Igniting Learning: CCD High School Connections Pilots New Tutoring Program

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In a groundbreaking initiative launched in mid-January, Community College of Denver (CCD) High School Connections has partnered with CCD's Excel Zone to introduce a transformative tutoring program at Colorado High School Charter. Designed to empower students and enhance their mathematical proficiency, this collaborative effort brings CCD tutors directly into math classrooms.

Dedicated tutors Erin Brooks at the GES location and Josue Acevedo at the Osage location will work individually with Math I and Math II students during their classes. The primary objectives of this program are to reinforce fundamental math concepts, boost students' confidence in mathematical skills, and prepare them for advanced college-level coursework as early as their sophomore year in high school.

This tutoring program aims to target students from marginalized and underserved backgrounds specifically. Recognizing the existing disparity in math readiness, CCD High School Connections aims to bridge the gap and provide a pathway for these students to pursue higher education. Many of these individuals may not have considered college a viable option or lacked the necessary interest, and this initiative seeks to change that perception.

"We want these students to see that there is not only a place for them in higher education, but that they possess the potential to change the world," emphasizes Karl Diaz, Concurrent Enrollment Program Navigator at CCD High School Connections. The program is not just about imparting mathematical knowledge but instilling a belief in these students that they can achieve academic success and make a significant impact on society.

The pilot phase of this tutoring program is set to continue through the spring semester of 2025, with CCD High School Connections eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share the outcomes of this innovative approach. By addressing the educational needs of underrepresented students, this initiative aspires to create a ripple effect, fostering a more inclusive and equitable landscape within higher education.


This article was contributed by CCD High School Connections team.