Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Program of Study

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

For Registered Radiologic Technologists, Direct to Work
Offered Online

Are you a registered technologist certified through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), American Registry of Medical Sonography (ARDMS), or Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB)?

If so, further your career with a certificate in magnetic resonance imaging (MR)!

What You Will Learn & Experience

This post-primary certificate will increase your employment options and earning potential. Designed with the working technologist in mind, we are offering an online didactic course and weekday internship opportunities throughout the Denver-metro area. This certificate includes a three-credit online course that exceeds the requirements of the ARRT. Topics emphasized are patient interactions and management, MRI screening and safety, all the image production processes, with specific attention to the neurological, whole body and musculoskeletal systems.

Application Cycle

Thank you for your interest in the Magnetic Resonance (MR) Certificate program.

The Radiologic Technology program at CCD will not be offering a spring semester start for the MR certificate.  

The next offering of the MR program will be the fall semester, which begins August 17, 2020.

We will be accepting applications on June 1-15, 2020, with possible interviews scheduled for the last week of June.

For more information, please contact Lori Yost.

Available Online

CCD Online offers fully online certificates and degrees, and individual online courses to help match your busy schedule. This program offers 90 percent of its degree either online or through a hybrid program. In addition, a training course on venipuncture is offered in the classroom at our Lowry location.

Your first step is to see if online learning is right for you. Online and hybrid environments offer much more flexibility but require more self-direction and self-discipline. Certain work habits, learning styles and skills contribute to a successful online or hybrid learning experience.

Online Experience Questions?
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Course & Program Fees

Some programs and/or courses may require additional fees in addition to the base tuition and fees. High-cost course fees are used to support the maintenance and development of the course labs and are embedded within your general tuition.

Course Fees

The fees listed here are estimated and may change at any time. Please contact your advisor with any questions. The following courses have additional fees: 

Course Description Fee
RTE 260 High-cost course fee $7.21 (per credit hour)
RTE 284 Malpractice Insurance Non-EMT $8.50 (flat)
RTE 284 Clinical Site Rotation Tracking $36.50 (flat)

Online Course Fees

A separate fee is used to absorb the cost of any lab kits needed for lab-based online courses. This fee eliminates the need for students to purchase lab kits separately.

Course Description Fee
RTE 260 High-cost course fee $7.21 (per credit hour)

Financial Aid Eligibility

**This program is not eligible for federal student aid.**

Scholarships are now available for short certificates at CCD. See if you qualify here. Also, view more scholarships and apply.

Internships & Service Learning Opportunities

The online course is designed to allow you to progress at a flexible pace for an individualized learning experience. Once completed, you will enroll in two consecutive clinical internships to obtain the required competencies for the certificate and the ARRT. Throughout the internships, you will be evaluated by CCD’s MR clinical instructor to ensure you have obtained the necessary clinical skills and are able to work independently so you can be job ready. Evenings, weekends and daytime clinical internship hours are available.

Additional internships are available for you should you need additional time. 

Job Outlook & Salary Information

The expected job growth for MR technologists nationally is 14 percent and 25 percent in Colorado.

The median salary range is $78, 000 or 37.00/hour

This information was taken from Onet and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.