Computed Tomography

Are you a registered radiologic technologist, radiation therapist, or nuclear medicine technologist? Further your career with a certificate in Computed Tomography.

This post primary certification will increase your employment options and earning potential. Designed with the working technologist in mind, we’re offering an online didactic course and flexible internship opportunities throughout the fall, spring, and summer semesters. This certificate includes a two-credit online course, exceeding the requirement of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologies (ARRT). 

What You’ll Learn & Experience

Pick a schedule that is customized to your abilities and circumstances in either a 7- or 15-week term during the fall and spring semesters.

The online course progresses at a flexible pace for an individualized learning experience. Once completed, you’ll enroll in two clinical internships offered at area clinics and hospitals in the metro-Denver area. 

Your internships will prepare you to be job ready and are arranged by CCD’s CT program coordinator. The required two clinical internships are arranged into sequential two-credit, five-week sections. To complete the program, you’ll be evaluated by the supervising technologist and CCD’s CT program coordinator to ensure you demonstrate your clinical skills, obtain additional competencies (the ARRT requires a minimum of 125 competencies), and to attain autonomy in the clinical setting.

Additional internships are available for you should you need additional time.