Student Conduct & Support

How Do I Make a Complaint or Appeal?

complaint process illustration

Supporting Your Decision

Occasionally you may have a concern or complaint about something that has happened to you. View the guide below for the most common types of complaints, though there may be other options for you depending on your circumstance. The Office of Student Conduct and Care, as well as Care Team members, are available to help you understand which route might be right for you. Once you decide that we can help you understand how the process works.

Often the decision to pursue a complaint or grievance process arises following a stressful event, or the steps involved in the process may be stressful or anxiety-provoking. We encourage you to reach out to the Care Team or Counseling Center for additional support. You may also have the right to have an advisor or support person with you while navigating a complaint or grievance process and are encouraged to inquire about that option.

The Accessibility Center can also help you access accommodations. Connect with them: Accessibility Center or 303.556.3300 

Report a Complaint or Concern

Please select the category that best fits the nature of your complaint or concern and follow the guidance.

General Complaint or Concern

You have a general complaint or concern with a person or policy at CCD, you have attempted to resolve it; however, it remains unresolved and you would like assistance.
Contact your Program Dean or Chair

If you have an issue regarding your class and have contacted your instructor and still need help resolving it, contact the program dean or chair.
Civil Rights/Title IX Complaint

You have experienced sexual harassment, and/or assault, and/or discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, expressions, or disability.
Extenuating Circumstances Appeal

You have experienced an extraordinary emergency that is beyond your control and it has impacted your classes. The extenuating circumstance appeal committee can consider whether to approve a late withdrawal and/or tuition credit for your class
SAP Appeal

Due to a serious life event, you have not met the satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards and have already been notified that you're ineligible for aid. You would like to appeal to get financial aid reinstated.