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About Our Program

Dental hygienists are licensed preventive oral health professionals who provide educational, clinical, and therapeutic services in dentistry. Dental hygienists perform procedures such as oral prophylaxis, application of preventive agents, exposure of dental radiographs, patient education, and nutritional counseling. Career opportunities for hygienists are available in a variety of settings, including:

  • private dental practices,
  • community dental health clinics,
  • public schools,
  • clinical and basic science research laboratories,
  • state and federal health facilities, and
  • management positions.

Licensure by national and state examination is required.

Admittance to CCD's dental hygiene program requires an application and the completion of the prerequisite courses. Applications are open annually between September 1 and December 1. All dental hygiene courses are offered at our Lowry location. CCD offers one of the most respected dental hygiene programs in the state.

Program Mission & Goals

Dental Hygiene Mission Statement

The mission of the dental hygiene program at Community College of Denver is to prepare students to provide comprehensive dental hygiene care to a culturally and socioeconomically diverse patient population and to enhance the patient's oral health and total wellness.

Program Goals

  1. CCD dental hygiene graduates will demonstrate ethical and professional behavior in all aspects of their profession.
  2. CCD dental hygiene graduates will employ the Dental Hygiene Process of Care, principles of dental hygiene diagnosis and treatment planning to meet the needs of a diverse patient population.
  3. CCD dental hygiene graduates will promote the oral and general health of the patient through the competent provision of dental hygiene knowledge and skills.
  4. CCD dental hygiene graduates will initiate, assume responsibility for, and deliver health promotion and disease prevention activities to a culturally and socio-economically diverse population in a variety of settings.
  5. CCD dental hygiene graduates will pursue life-long learning, self-evaluation, evidence-based decision making through the application of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  6. CCD dental hygiene program graduates will successfully complete written and clinical board examinations necessary for dental hygiene licensure.


In compliance with the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA): The dental hygiene program at Community College of Denver is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation and has been granted the accreditation status of approval without reporting requirements. The Commission is a specialized accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education.

The Commission on Dental Accreditation
211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611-2678

Course & Program Fees

Begin planning early with the financial aid office to meet your educational goals and needs. The Dental Hygiene program utilizes a variety of resources including online resources to limit costs. The following information serves as an estimate of expenses associated with the program.

Course Fees

The fees listed here are estimated and may change at any time. Please contact the health sciences advisor Daniela Higgins with any questions. This program has additional fees for the following courses: 

Course Description Fee
DEH 100, DEH 101, DEH 102, DEH 103,
DEH 104, DEH 111, DEH 116, DEH 122,
DEH 123, DEH 126, DEH 132, DEH 133,
DEH 138, DEH 150, DEH 153, DEH 170,
DEH 171, DEH 204, DEH 213, DEH 221,
DEH 225, DEH 242, DEH 268, DEH 270,
DEH 271, DEH 282, DEH 285
High-cost course fee $7.35 (per credit hour)
DEH 101 Dental Kits $3,500.00 (flat)
DEH 102, DEH 170, DEH 171, DEH 270, DEH 271 Dental Hygiene/Lab Use Fee $53.00 (flat)
DEH 102, DEH 270 Malpractice Insurance Non-EMT $8.50 (flat)

Program Costs

Costs are subject to change without notice. The fees listed are estimates only. Variations may occur without being posted on this website. This information is meant for planning purposes only.

FULL-TIME TUITION Review tuition and basic fees.  
SUPPLIES Books $700
Magnifying Loupes (estimate only) $1,200 - $1,500
Student Kit* $3,500
OTHER Clinic Usage Fee, Malpractice Insurance (estimated fall/spring semester) $400
Student Chapter of the American Dental Hygienists' Association (SCADHA) $65
Background Check, Drug Testing $89
Uniforms (scrubs, lab coats, stethoscope, and other related items) $300

*The student kit and uniforms will be ordered during the summer semester. Do not purchase these items on your own as the dental hygiene program has already made the necessary arrangements. The student kit and clinic scrubs should last throughout the course of study.

FULL-TIME TUITION Review tuition and basic fees.  
SUPPLIES Books $350
OTHER Clinic Usage Fee, Malpractice Insurance (estimated summer/fall/spring semester charge) $800
Student Chapter of the American Dental Hygienists' Association (SCADHA) $65
Board Fees: National and Regional $1,600

Financial Aid Eligibility

This program is eligible for federal financial aid.

Your first step is to connect with the Financial Aid office to discover how you can afford college. Our dedicated staff and support services help you wade through all the legal language and get you past the first hurdle to completing your educational goals.

In addition, CCD has $1,000,000 available in scholarships. Apply at

Stop by the financial aid office on the first floor of the Confluence Building for help with the federal application for financial aid. Walk-in hours are offered every Wednesday from 12:30 – 4:30 p.m. in the Confluence Building, room 118.

Four-Year Transfer Agreements

CCD offers a degree completion program in dental hygiene. After completing the A.A.S. to become a licensed dental hygienist, you can begin the degree completion program and expand your career options with our Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene (B.A.S.).

Internships & Service Learning Opportunities

As a student in the A.A.S. dental hygiene program, you will go on rotations to community sites in Denver and the surrounding area. 

Job Outlook & Salary Information

What Can I Do with My Major?

Dental hygienists are licensed preventive oral health professionals who provide educational, clinical, and therapeutic services in dentistry. They can be employed in a variety of settings once they have been licensed through national and state examinations.

Learn more about this career path by visiting CCD's Career and Transfer Center.

How Much Can I Expect to Earn?

After you have completed the dental hygiene program at CCD (64 credits) and required prerequisites (28 credits), CCD dental hygiene graduates earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and are ready to take the licensure exams to become a registered dental hygienist. This opens the door for to work in a private dental practice, community dental health clinic, public school, clinical or basic science research laboratory, state or federal health facility, or in a management position with an entry wage of $35 to $45 per hour.

The median annual wage for dental hygienists was $74,820 in May 2018.

The information provided here is by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook.


The A.A.S. degree seamlessly transfers to CCD's B.A.S. program in dental hygiene. Learn more here.