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Biology opens the doorway into the life sciences. Whether your interests lean toward nursing or environmental science, the study of biology will enrich your understanding of the living world and your role within it. Your studies in biology will meet the requirements for entry into health care programs, research careers, and applied or field science. This could be your first step toward a career in medicine or research. Credits earned will transfer to a four-year college or university towards a bachelor’s degree.

Spacious labs, modern equipment, and an excellent collection of models are all ready and available for students. Hands-on learning and small classroom size, as well as a strong tutoring program, make CCD the right choice.

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Student Testimonial

“I just wanted to thank you for the incredible experience that you made available to us CCD students in the Cadaver Lab. The medical student in charge was respectful, extremely knowledgeable, and a really great teacher. I walked away with "real" physical anatomy (and beyond) to put with what I'm learning in class in BIO 202. Great experience, great environment, and best of all, I left with a greater respect for the human body. Amazing.”

~Female CCD Student