About the Program

Better Living through Behavioral Sciences. Behavioral Science is the scientific study of being human. No aspect of human thought, behavior and emotion is left out of our program area. Behavioral Sciences studies humans in individual, group, societal and cultural contexts.

Study in Behavioral Science develops your ability to think scientifically about human behavior, develop insight into your own and others' thoughts and behaviors and implement that knowledge in your personal and occupational pursuits.  Your exploration of behavioral science can take you beyond cultural and geographic boundaries, inspire your critical and creative thinking and give you the necessary knowledge and skills to approach solving human problems humanely and scientifically. By blending several disciplines, the behavioral sciences offer a broad understanding of the human condition.

At the Community College of Denver, Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology programs develop knowledge and skills to understand and improve your personal, relational and professional experience.  With an emphasis on critical thinking, research, and diversity in the service of a scientific exploration of being human, an AA degree with an Area of Study in the Behavioral Sciences is excellent preparation for success in life and careers. This program not only prepares you for transfer to a four-year college, it develops your knowledge and skills to understand and improve your personal, relational and professional experience.


CCD's courses cover all the basics of human psychology across the lifespan. In addition, you can explore neuropsychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, positive psychology, the psychology of gender and sex, and more.  Opportunities to develop critical thinking, understand the scientific method, and develop as student-researchers are incorporated throughout the program. CCD is home to one of only two chapters of Psi Beta National Honor Society in Psychology in Colorado, a vibrant and award winning student organization.

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