About the Program

Stories will always be told — how we tell those stories is changing, however. There has never been a more exciting time to be in journalism. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and smartphones—all are feeding an ever-growing demand for news. CCD’s journalism department offers many opportunities if you are interested in multi-media journalism.

In this program, you’ll learn to interview, write, report, edit, and produce news stories for a variety of media—newspapers and magazines, television, radio, and the Internet. You can specialize in one area or work across all media. A good journalist not only has technical and professional skills, but also intellectual curiosity about the world. Journalism students are prepared for careers as writers, reporters, editors, and producers for newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and online newsrooms and other new multimedia outlets. Our program is designed to train you to analyze and explain the complex events of our times as well as raise journalistic standards in all media.

CCD’s journalism program offers classes that will start you on the path to a career as a journalist and give you what you need to transfer to a four-year university.