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Our scholarship program recognizes your excellence and invites you to flourish with endless opportunities. Complete your educational goals faster and be more successful in your classes. How? Focus simply on your education. Research and apply for free money to pay for college.

Scholarship Search  & Application Help

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Should I Apply?

Why should I apply for scholarships?

Scholarships can reduce student loan debt and provide money to meet educational expenses like tuition, fees, books, and supplies. Even if you qualify for other types of student aid, it is a good idea to apply for scholarships. Receiving one scholarship can increase your chances of receiving another.

Why should I apply for private scholarships?

There is no limit to the number of private scholarships you may apply to receive. Receiving scholarships will reduce your student loan debt and assist you with meeting your educational expenses throughout the year.

What if my grants already cover my tuition and fees?

Scholarships can be used to purchase books, school supplies, and any other educational expenses that you have while you are attending college.

How will receiving a scholarship affect my financial aid?

The state determines every student’s financial aid cost of attendance (COA). This represents the expected cost of living while you are in school. You may not receive more financial aid than your COA. If you receive a scholarship, your financial aid may be adjusted so that it fits into your COA. If you have additional questions about your COA, please contact a financial aid advisor.


How many scholarships can I receive?

You may qualify for up to two scholarships with CCD. After you submit a completed application, the scholarship committee will consider you for all the scholarships that you indicate on your application. You will only be allowed to receive one of the following CCD institutional scholarships per academic year,

  • CCD Community Scholarship
  • College Success Scholarship
  • Excellence Scholarship
  • Together We Dream Scholarship

Colorado residents are given priority when awarding institutional aid like scholarships.

You may apply for and receive multiple private scholarships.

Do I qualify for any CCD scholarships if I have already earned my first bachelor’s degree?

Most of CCD's institutional scholarships (except for the Health Care and/or the Displaced Aurarian Scholarship) are only for undergraduates without a prior bachelor's degree. 

I am not a resident of Colorado, but am eligible for financial aid; do I qualify for scholarships at CCD?

Yes. You can still be eligible for CCD Foundation scholarships even if you are not a resident of Colorado, based on other qualifications of the scholarships. Colorado residents are given priority when awarding institutional aid like scholarships.

Can DREAMers/Undocumented students be considered for scholarships at CCD?

Yes. CCD Foundation and institutional scholarships are open to Colorado residents, DACA, ASSET, and undocumented students.

Fees & Timeline

Do I have to pay a fee to apply for scholarships?

No, there are no fees associated with the CCD scholarship application. You should never pay to access a scholarship application or pay to receive scholarship money.

What is the CCD scholarship deadline?

April 16th is the deadline for CCD institutional scholarship applications for the upcoming academic year starting in the fall. Scholarship awards for applications received after April 16th are subject to the availability of funds. May 15th is the deadline for CCD Foundation scholarship applications for the upcoming academic year starting in the fall.

Will my scholarship application be considered even though it was submitted after the priority deadline?

Scholarship applications may not be considered if you submit your application after April 15th. Submit your application before April 15th in order to increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship.

What happens after I submit my scholarship application?

Once you have submitted a completed application, the scholarship committee will review your application to determine whether or not you will be selected for an award. You will be notified via your CCD email account about the status of your application. If you are selected, the money will be posted to your account and if there is any money left over after your account charges are paid, you will receive a refund. 
If you are not chosen for an award this time, we encourage you to re-apply for the next academic year.