Financial Aid & Scholarships - Documents

Document Name Number
1098 Frequently Asked Questions
Family Size - Dependent Student
Family Size - Independent Student
Special Circumstances - Brochure
Student Employment Supervisor Guide
Tuition & Fees
Withdrawing from Classes - Brochure
Work-Study Student Employee Handbook
Document Name Number
Affidavit/Proof of Citizenship FA-70
CASFA-ASSET Eligibility Flowchart
Document Name Number
Colorado Application for State Financial Aid (CASFA)
Consent For Release of Student Financial Aid Information to Scholarship Granting Organizations FA-68
Correction For Initial Tuition Classification Form
Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request FA-3
Disability Discharge FA-29
Displaced Aurarian Scholarship Instructions FA-44
Educational Goals Form FA-67
FERPA Release & Student Reference Request ORR-15
Financial Aid Cancellation Form FA-1
Independent Minor FA-56
Level 1 - Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal FA-12
Loan Adjustment Form FA-7
Overlapping Aid Clearance Letter/Transfer Monitoring FA-21
Parent PLUS Loan Application (in English) FA-8
Parent Tax Filing Status FA-52
Petition for Independence FA-9
Professional Judgment Request
Release of Financial Aid Information FA-11
Scholarship Contract FA-58
Student Tax Filing Status FA-51
Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Form FA-15
Unusual Enrollment History FA-41
Verification Worksheet Form 1 - Dependent Student (Standard) FA-32
Verification Worksheet Form 1 - Independent Student (Standard) FA-36
Verification Worksheet Form 4 FA-34
Verification Worksheet Form 5 - Dependent Student FA-33
Verification Worksheet Form 5 - Independent Student FA-37
Written Confirmation of Future Attendance