DREAMers & Undocumented Student Information

CCD welcomes all DREAMers, ASSET, DACA & Undocumented students and can assist you, from enrolling at CCD through graduation regardless of your current status.


Complete your educational goals with the help of our CCD staff, dedicated to assisting you throughout this process.

Dreamers United Student Organization

Our vision is to empower students to overcome the adversity and stigma that is associated with being a DREAMer by creating a positive impact in the community through volunteer opportunities and campus involvement. Being unified as a support network for students leads to innovation in an ever-evolving community. We will strive to provide information regarding the post-secondary educational process for Dreamers.

Contact the Dreamers United Group Organization | Dreamers.United@ccd.edu  |  Like us on Facebook 

Contact Information

For questions about how to enroll, please contact:

Admissions, Recruitment and Outreach  | 303.352.3166

For residency questions, please contact:

Michelle Garcia  | 303.556.2420

For questions about scholarships, please contact:

Ivonne Andrea Kossik | 303.556.5503

For registration, academic advising and support programs, please contact:

Rebecca Fernandez Martinez | 303.352.4964

For questions about high school students taking CCD classes, please contact:

Anitra Galicia | 303.352.3354