Student Government Association

About SGA

The mission of the Student Government Association is to represent the voice of CCD students. Get involved and encourage, and support the interests of your classmates.

SGA meets every Friday from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. via WebEx (Join meeting). Please fill out the CCD SGA Meeting Check-In form before joining the meeting.


President | Lorraine Seals-Wiliams |

Vice President | Esther Pompee |

Treasurer | Taylor Hibbs |

Secretary | Lena Lund |

Parliamentarian | Currently Vacant

Student Representative | David Nusbaum |

Student Representative | Leigh McMullen |

Student Representative | Asher Hoffman |

Student Representative | Currently Vacant

Student Representative | Currently Vacant

Advanced Manufacturing Center Representative | Ben Rodriquez |

Lowry Representative | Currently Vacant

SSAC Representative | Leena Elmiladi |

SSAC Representative | Currently Vacant

SACAB Representative | Mariam Osman |

SACAB Representative | Currently Vacant

Advisor | Kathryn Mahoney |

Advisor | Ashley Jaramillo |

As a member of SGA, you will serve your student body and assist the administration to make decisions that represent the students' opinions. Student government members assist in creating the Student Bylaws, including such items as the Student Code of Conduct, disciplinary procedures, as well as other decisions that affect the student population.

If you would like to join the Student Government, start by reading about the roles of each student government position and study the Election Code.

Student elections are held each spring semester and documents to complete are due to the student life office by the end of March preceding the election. Please contact our office for specific dates and requirements (this statement can be changed each year to reflect the due date once it is known).