Campus Safety

AHEC Campus Police

Community College of Denver (CCD) strives to provide a safe and healthy environment that supports your learning process. Each student and employee should be able to attend classes, work on campus, and/or participate in activities with a feeling that they are in a safe and secure environment. The Auraria Campus Police are full-time, fully certified Colorado peace officers, dispatchers, and security officers. In addition to patrolling the campus regularly each day and night, they have put into place helpful procedures for campus-wide safety. Visit their site to gain more knowledge about your campus safety.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Emergency: 911
  • Denver Metro-Area Response System: 911 or 303.892.9111
  • Auraria Campus Police: 303.556.5000
  • Night Rider Escort Service: 303.556.2001
  • Auraria Facilities Management: 303.556.3260
  • Lowry Campus Security: 303.419.5557

Inclement Weather Closures & Emergency Notification System

Community College of Denver utilizes a text (SMS) and email messaging system to deliver important information to the CCD community. Notifications will be used to deliver information about weather closures and immediate information during emergency situations.

All CCD students, faculty and staff who provide a text (SMS) capable phone number and/or email, either during registration or to Human Resources, will automatically be entered into the Emergency Notification System.

To get the latest weather updates:

  • Visit AHEC's homepage at
  • Call the weather hotline at 1.877.556.3637 (EMER)
  • Tune in to local news outlets for information

Helpful Links

The College provides up-to-date campus security policies and procedures and campus crime statistics. This is part of the Federal Law No.101-542, the Student Right-to-Know, the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy, and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1999 (formerly the Campus Security Act of 1990). For a paper copy of this report, contact 303.556.2413. An Auraria specific report is available online through Auraria Campus Police.