Continuing Education & Training


Whether you're looking to advance in your career or complete a one-day training to improve your skills, connect with resources and expertise that CCD offers to lifelong learners.

Amazon Career Choice is an education benefit that empowers Amazon employees to learn new skills for career success at Amazon or elsewhere.
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Cultivating the next generation of business leaders from unexpected sources. We're offering innovative STEM-based accelerator workshops.
  • CIS Solutions A+ Certification Prep Camp

    6-Day Training | Cost: $899
    Location: Auraria Campus - Cherry Creek Building
  • IC3 Digital Literacy Certification Prep

    3-Day Training | Cost: $899
    Location: Auraria Campus - Boulder Creek Building
Gain Job Skills To Thrive In The Cannabis Industry
black woman wearing a black and white checked shirt and white gloves smiling while holding up a cannabis leaf in her right hand and crouched down among cannabis plants
  • Advanced Cultivation Technician

    Complete in 9 weeks 100% online
    • CERT
  • Advanced Manufacturing Agent

    Complete in 9 weeks 100% online
    • CERT
  • Advanced Dispensary Associate

    Complete in 9 weeks 100% online
    • CERT
The Colorado Health Careers Collaborative was created to provide seamless pathways from school to employment for ages 16-24 in healthcare fields for Coloradans.
young Hispanic nurse wearing a white shirt and a stethscope
This competency-based program will increase your employment options and earning potential. Designed with the working technologist in mind, we’re offering an online didactic course and flexible internship opportunities.
man wearing purple scrubs prepares a patient for a CT
  • Computed Tomography

    Direct to Work
Certification offers a competitive edge and heightens career advancement opportunities. CCD offers numerous training opportunities to criminal justice professionals.
man in simulation training learning to help a distraught individual
  • Drone Flight FAA Certification

    Prepare for the FAA Part 107 Certification Test | Cost: $100
    3-Day Training
  • Simulation Training Lab

    3D Interactive Simulation | Offered All Year
Community College of Denver's Dental Hygiene Program has the options, flexibility and support to let you truly experience continuing education excellence.
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This non-degree program will help you develop English writing, grammar, reading, listening and speaking skills to start a degree or certificate at CCD.
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  • English as a Second Language

    Non-Degree Courses
FBLI is a joint venture program of Community College of Denver and the Hispanic Restaurant Association delivering language-based training specific to your industry.
  • Food and Beverage Language Institute

    Non-Credit Training
    Hybrid | $500 per employee
CCD offers non-credit CNC machining, welding, wire EDM, and HEIDENHAIN training at our state-of-the-art Advanced Manufacturing Center, located north of downtown Denver. Learn more.
close up of machine
  • CNC Machining in Heidenhain Controllers

    1 Week | Cost: $700
    Non-Credit Training
  • Mastercam

    1-Day Training | $150
    Non-Credit Training
  • Welding Training

    Variable session length open labs & workshops available
    Non-Credit Training
  • Wire EDM

    1-Day Training | Cost: $150
    Non-Credit Training
  • Women in Welding Workshop

    8 hour Satuday workshop
    Non-Credit Training
Are you a registered technologist certified through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), American Registry of Medical Sonography (ARDMS), or Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB)? If so, further your career with a certificate in magnetic resonance imaging (MR).
up close image of someone working an MRI machine
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    For Registered Radiologic Technologists, Direct to Work
    Offered Online
Are you a registered Radiologic Technologist who loves the patient care aspect of the profession? Increase your skills and earning potential by adding an additional credential after your name and make yourself more valuable to employers.
two women working with a mammography machine
  • Mammography

    For Registered Radiologic Technologists, Direct to Work
    Offered in the Classroom