Teachers and Administrators

If you do not already have a partnership with CCD, please call our office at 303.352.3301.

We hope this page provides you with useful information to assist you in supporting our shared students. 

Concurrent enrollment courses must use the same books and software (if required for the course) used on the CCD Auraria Campus. The classroom environment must meet CCD’s standards, which may include instructor or student computers, projector and/or document cameras. More details can be found by reviewing the Concurrent Enrollment Guidelines for Both CCD & High Schools, which explain the responsibilities and accommodations for concurrent enrollment.

Concurrent enrollment students follow the same academic standards as all CCD students. This includes standards for academic integrity academic progress, grading, attendance and student code of conduct. Similarly, concurrent enrollment students can benefit from the student support services available to all CCD students. Concurrent Enrollment students also follow FERPA guidelines. 

Welcome! We are glad you are thinking about joining CCD’s roster of highly qualified instructors. High school teachers who wish to become CCD-qualified instructors must meet the same hiring qualifications as all other CCD instructors. This process is explained on the Faculty and Instructional Credentialing webpage. Specific requirements by discipline are listed on our Addendum page.

Expectations for all instructors are outlined in our Faculty Handbook

All new instructors must complete our New Faculty Orientation and the New Faculty Onboarding Checklist with their chair. These resources will provide you the information you need to teach at CCD.

CCD appreciates the expertise and knowledge you bring to the classroom. Concurrent enrollment courses on the high school campus use the same syllabus, textbook and materials, academic outcomes, instructional practices, learning management system, and grading policies as classes at CCD campus locations. Your chair is your best resource on what specifically you should be using.

Here are some reminders:

  • Student course evaluations | CCD students are allowed to complete an evaluation of their classes every semester. This is outlined in the Faculty Handbook.
  • Chair or peer course observations | All classes at CCD are observed by the chair or peer at least once a semester as outlined in our Faculty Handbook. The forms used are provided here: On-ground & On-line.
  • Credit to Contact Minutes | The Department of Education establishes requirements that all classes must be for the appropriate contact minutes to provide sufficient time for students to master the material. CCD has this requirement codified in our guideline defining the required minutes and breaks.

Please follow CCD guidelines for all absences

CCD's academic calendar is listed on our website.

The drop date and withdrawal date are given to you by the DPS Office of Career and College Success and is also located on our website

As an instructor at CCD, you are required to attend discipline-specific professional development every year. This is done through the Instructor Institute on the second Wednesday in February and the second Wednesday in October from 4 - 7:30 p.m.

  • Talk to your chair about how to be paid for this professional development
  • Email our High School Connections office if you have not been invited. 

The roster in our CCD Banner system is the only official record of the students enrolled in your college class. Students not on the Banner roster cannot receive college credit for the class, and students on the Banner roster must be graded at the end of term, even if they did not participate. Please assist us in ensuring this legally binding information is accurate.

You may be asked by Denver Public Schools to engage in a roster verification process to true up your roster at the high school with the official roster in CCD’s Banner system. We strongly encourage you to actively engage in this process as we cannot enroll students for college credit after this process is completed. 

Help your students - check your roster! 

Colorado's federal government and state require that we drop a student for non-attendance if they do not attend the first 15% of any class. Those students are completely removed from course rosters and receive no grade. If they are not removed during this process, we must give them a grade at the end of the semester, so it is crucial that we don’t miss this deadline. The requirements are on our web pages. 

We ask that you drop students directly in our Banner system, and your center chair or office administrator will send you a how-to guide at the beginning of every semester.

Please refer to this help guide to submit grades at CCD. Your chair will set your final grade deadline. Submitting grades into D2L or Infinite Campus does not transfer to our Banner system. 

Please reference this list to know your chair or dean

Know the difference.

Not all college partners operate the same way. Only concurrent enrollment ensures transferability to all Colorado public colleges, and only concurrent enrollment has statutorily mandated quality controls in place. The Colorado Department of Education has the information you need to know the difference.