High School Counselors

We hope this page provides you with useful information to assist you in supporting our shared students.

Take a look at our CCD English and Math Placement Guides. These illustrate college readiness via test scores or high school course work and GPA. 

CCD also has a video library that provides step-by-step guidelines when applying to the College, COF and accessing D2L.

Another great resource for High School Counselors and students is the Academic Calendar. Make sure to visit this link to ensure you are up to date on the drop/withdraw and registration deadlines. 

Below is the outlined process for students who are looking to take courses at a CCD campus location. This program is called "College Select". Students and counselors must complete the requirements for a student to register for courses.

Please review the CCD Learning Options before continuing.

  • Student work
    • The Student Webpage outlines the steps that they need to complete to be eligible to take College Select Courses.
      • Students should first talk to their HS Counselor to receive approval to take courses on the CCD Campus.
      • Then they should select “Now I’m ready to register for classes. What are my next steps?”
        • Please remember, students must complete (not just start) the application to CCD. If they are not a CCD student, they cannot take CCD classes.
        • Students should fill out the College Select Application to indicate that they are ready to meet with a High School Connections Advisor.
  • Counselor work
    • Counselors need to complete the College Select Inquiry Sheet (formerly known as the pre-advising template).
      • This will replace sending any individual student agreement/course registration forms for CCD. Continue to collect these per your HS policies.
      • If your school district has provided a similar form, this is also acceptable.
      • Once completed please send it to HighSchoolConnections@ccd.edu in a password-protected file.
    • Please fill out the High School Additional Information Form.
      • This form will help CCD HS Connections staff meet your high school needs, including course requirements and course limitations (Max/Min)
  • High School Connections Advisor
    • Meets with the students and assists them in registering for classes
    • An email goes out to each student with a link to set up a meeting
      • If they are a new student, this goes out to the personal email
      • If they are a returning student, this goes out to their CCD email

We've mapped out the courses that are guaranteed to transfer to any public two or four-year college in Colorado. Take a look at the courses that transfer using our transfer mapping document. 

Accounting AAS MAT 107
  AAS transfer MAT 123 & 125 (MAT 121 will replace this)
  Bookkeeping/Payroll Certificate None
  Tax Preparation Certificate  None
Anthropology  AA MAT 135
Applied Technology AAS MAT 107 or 121
Architectural Technologies AAS MAT 121
  Advanced Building Crafts Certificate None
  Architectural Studies AAS MAT 121 & 122
  Basic Building Crafts Certificate None
  Contemporary Building Tech Certificate None
  Digital Design Media AAS MAT 121
  Digital Design Media Certificate None
  Revit Certificate None
  Sustainable Design AAS MAT 121
  Sustainable Design Certificate None
Art History AA MAT 120
  Visual AA MAT 120
Biology  AS (MAT 122 & MAT 166)* MAT 201
Business Administration Business AA MAT 121 or 123
  Customer Service Certificate None
  Entrepreneurship Certificate None
  Management AAS MAT 123
  Marketing AAS MAT 121 or 123
  Retail Management Certificate None
Chemistry  AS (MAT 122 & MAT 166)* MAT 201 & 202 & 203
Communication  AA MAT 120
Computer-Aided Drafting (CADD) AAS MAT 108
  CADD Basic Certificate MAT 108
  CADD Intermediate MAT 108
  Inventor Certificate  None
  Scanned Input 3D modeling Certificate None
  SolidWorks Certificate None
Criminal Justice AA  MAT 135
  AAS MAT 107
  Homeland Security Certificate  None
  Law Enforcement Certificate None
Dental Hygiene  AAS MAT 120 or 121 or 135
  BAS MAT 135
Early Childhood Education AA MAT 120
  AAS MAT 107 or 155
  Director Certificate None
  Teacher Level I Certificate None
  Teacher Level II Certificate  None
Economics AA MAT 135
Elementary Education AA MAT 155 & 156
Engineering AS  MAT121, MAT166 (or MAT122), MAT201, MAT 202
English: Literature  AA MAT 120
Environmental Science AS MAT 121 & 135
Fabrication Welding Arc Welder Certificate  MAT 108
  Basic Welding Certificate MAT 108
  Creative Metalworking Certificate None
  Fabrication Welder AAS MAT 108
  Fabrication Welder Certificate MAT 108
  Intermediate Welding Certificate MAT 108
French  AA  MAT 120
General Studies AA  MAT 120 or 135
  AGS MAT 120
  AS MAT 121 or 166
Geography AA MAT 135
Geology  AS (MAT 122 & MAT 166)* MAT 201 & 202
Graphic Design AAS Transfer MAT 120
  AAS  None
  Certificate None
History AA MAT 120
  AA MAT 120
Human Services AAS transfer MAT 135
  Certificate None
  Pre Social Work AAS MAT 135
Information Technology Computer Information Systems AAS MAT 121 or 123
  Computer Service & Support None
  Computer Technology Certificate None
  Cybersecurity AAS MAT 121 or 123
  Cybersecurity Certificate None
  Data Analytics Certificate MAT 135
  Healthcare Certificate None
  Information Technology AAS MAT 123
  Network Security Certificate None
Integrated Nursing Pathway AGS MAT 121 & 135
Journalism AA MAT 120
Machine Technologies Basic Machining Certificate MAT 108
  CNC  AAS MAT 108
  CNC Machine Tool Operator Certificate MAT 108
  CNC Wire EDM Certificate None
  Five-Axis Milling Certificate None
  Industrial Maintenance Certificate MAT 108
  Intermediate Machining Certificate MAT 108
  Multi-Axis Lathe Certificate None
Mathematics  AS  (MAT 122 & MAT 166)* MAT 201 
Medical Assistant AAS MAT 103
Music  AA  MAT 120
Nurse Aide Certificate None
Nutrition Certified Dietary Manager Certificate None
  Food, Nutrition, & Wellness Certificate None
  Nutrition AAS MAT 135
Paralegal AAS transfer MAT 135
  AAS  MAT 107
  Certificate None
Philosophy AA MAT 120
Phlebotomy Certificate None
Physics  AS (MAT 122 & MAT 166)* MAT 201 & 202
Political Science  AA  MAT 135
Practical Nursing AAS  None
Psychology  AA  MAT 121 or 135
  AS  MAT 121
Radiation Technology AAS  MAT 121
  Computed Tomography Certificate MAT 121
  Mammography Certificate None
  MRI Certificate None
Sociology AA  MAT 135
Spanish  AA MAT 120
Surgical Technology  AAS MAT 103
Theatre AA MAT 120
  Performance Certificate None
  Technical Theatre AAS MAT 120
  Theatre Design & Management Certificate None
  Writing for Stage & Screen Certificate None
Veterinary Technology AAS MAT 103
  Certificate  None

*These are courses you may need to take to prepare you to take calculus. 

Dental Hygiene ENG 121 Science pre-requisite GPA must be 3.0 or greater.
  PSY 101 Other pre-requisite GPA must be 3.5 or greater.
  BIO 201  Overall GPA must be 2.8 or greater. 
  BIO 204 Dental Hygiene Application 
  SOC 101  
  BIO 202  
  CHE 109  
  COM 115  
  MAT (120, 121, 135)  
Medical Assisting CIS 118 Recommended Obtain Basic Life Support certification through the American Heart Association and it must be valid when you apply.
    Obtain Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certification through the American Heart Association and it must be valid when you apply.  
    Medical Assisting Application
Integrated Nursing Pathway N/A GPA of 3.0 or greater.
    Integrated Nursing Pathway Application
Nurse Aide N/A Obtain a TB skin test and influenza vaccine
    CCPT Test scores or a receive a waiver for the ACT or SAT
    Nurse Aide Application
Practical Nursing BIO 106 Obtain Basic Life Support certification through the American Heart Association and it must be valid when you apply.
  ENG 121 Must have completed a nurse aid, pharmacy technician, medical assistant, or phlebotomy certificate.
  HPR 139 Practical Nursing Application 
Phlebotomy CIS 110 recommended Immunizations are up-to-date.
    Background check and 10-panel drug screen.
    Obtain a TB skin test and influenza vaccine
    Phlebotomy Application
Radiologic Technology BIO 201 Radiologic Technology Application
  MAT 121  
  ENG 121 or ENG 131  
  PSY 101 or SOC 101 or PSY 235  
Surgical Technology BIO 201 Obtain Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certification through the American Heart Association and it must be valid when you apply.
  BIO 202 Background check and 10-panel drug screen.
  MAT 103 Surgical Technology Application
  ENG 121  
  HPR 139  
Veterinary Technology BIO 111 Veterinary Technology Application
  MAT 103  
  ENG 121 or ENG 131  

Guaranteed In-State Transfer Plans

Links to Common Four-Year Transfer Pages

Engineering Transfer Plans

Students who wish to pursue a degree in engineering should take the following classes. These will set students up for success in engineering at CCD and beyond.

Semester 1 - Concurrent Enrollment
EGG 106 Robotics Design EET 1040 with EGG 151 1
MAT 121 College Algebra GT-MA1 4
ENG 121 English Composition I GT-CO1 3
LIT 205 Ethnic Literature GT-AH2 3
COM 220 Intercultural Communication GT-SS3 3
    Total Credits 14
Semester 2 - Concurrent Enrollment
EGG 151 Experimental Design EET 1040 with EGG 106 2
MAT 166 Pre-Calculus GT-MA1 5
ENG 122 English Composition II GT-CO2 3
PHI 112 Ethics GT-AH3 3
HIS 205 Women in World History GT-HI1 3
    Total Credits 16

CCD is mandated by the state of Colorado and by the Department of Education to report who is actually attending our classes. Failure to do so accurately can result in significant negative consequences for us. We cannot add or drop students late once this process is complete. We cannot switch a student’s class section after this date.

Roster Verification for High School Select Classes

For high school select classes, we ask that all rosters be verified by teachers and counselors at the high school within the time frame given.

Registration Verification for College Select Classes

  • For college-select classes, we ask that counselors be in frequent communication about student enrollment, and for the counselors to verify any documentation about enrollment that is sent within the timeframe given.
  • Billing is based on the enrollment data we provide to you via the student course list. High schools can make alterations up until the drop date. High schools are assumed to confirm that all registrations are accurate and will be billed accordingly after the drop date regardless if they complete the registration verification process.
  • The High School Connections Office will send out your student course list during the second week of CCD classes.
    • These are sent out to the counselor at the high school.
    • The student course list includes student name, S#, courses they are enrolled in, credits by course, online or on-ground, as well as days and times of each class.
    • The last day to drop a class (drop date) can always be found on our calendar.
  • Once you have received the email,
    • Verify that the student course list is accurate and reflects your high school's students and the courses they are taking.
    • Confirm that all SASID codes are accurate. COF will be charged to your high school if this code is blank or incorrect.
    • Confirm that your high school approves the online cost differential. The cost difference is listed on our Additional Tuition Costs page, under the sub-heading "Online."
  • Please send any corrections to the highschoolconnections@ccd.edu mailbox by the drop date, listed in our calendar as the last day to drop a class.  


  • At CCD, “drop” is the process of removing a student from the class before the census day of that course, 15% from the first day to the last. When a student drops a course, the high school is not charged tuition, and the student’s college transcript does not record that the student was ever in the class.
  • The state of Colorado mandates that we drop students who do not attend the first 15% of any course. In some courses, this also includes turning in an assignment. Please be sure students understand the importance of being present from the first day onward.
  • If a student wants to drop a course, they must do so before the drop date or the high school will be charged tuition.


  • At CCD, “withdraw” is the process of removing a student from the class before the withdrawal day of that course, which is listed on the course syllabus. When a student withdraws from a course, the high school is charged tuition, and the student’s college transcript will reflect a “W” as the grade.
  • The state of Colorado and the Department of Education will not permit us to issue a withdrawal after the date on the syllabus.
  • If you plan on transferring to another college, receiving colleges (handle these differently. Some ignore them and some treat them like a failing grade. You must speak to the receiving institution to learn more.
  • Withdrawing from too many courses may impact Satisfactory Academic Progress. A student must complete 67% of their overall attempted hours to maintain satisfactory academic progress.