Concurrent enrollment classes are available to all students, regardless of immigration status and CCD welcomes DREAMers to participate in this program. 

Concurrent Enrollment New Student Orientation

Are you taking a CCD class on campus, sync or via hyflex model? We have an orientation created especially for those students taking a course outside of their high school classroom. Please join us at one of the following orientations.

If you are taking a college course at your high school or through CCD directly we want you to know there are workshops to become familiar with Desire2Learn (D2L), the learning system used by CCD for your courses (think Schoology, but for College). These workshops will include a brief overview of the website but are mainly drop-in/out to have your questions answered. Make a note to join us during one or more of the workshops below, to become more confident using the D2L system for your courses.

I have never done concurrent enrollment and don’t know where to start

Please make sure to first talk with your High School Counselor to receive initial approval to take college courses through CCD.

Now I'm ready to register for classes. What are my next steps?

1. Apply to the College (if you haven’t already)

2. Collect any SAT, Accuplacer, ACT, or AP test scores as well as your high school transcript. Your CCD advisor will discuss these with you.

College Select Students must also:

3. Fill out this College Select Application after you have received approval from your High School.

4. Register for classes. Once you have applied and completed the College Select Application, an advisor will send you an email to set up an appointment to register for courses.

I am currently taking classes here at CCD.

I want to see my grades or transcripts

Students can access their college grades by logging in to their CCDConnect account. If you would like to order an official transcript for yourself or to send it to another college or university, you may also do this from your CCDConnect account.

I need to drop or withdraw from a class

Deadlines for dropping or withdrawing from a course are shown on your syllabus. Any changes in registration must go through your high school. Please contact your high school counselor immediately if you will be exiting a CCD course to complete the required form.

  • If you do not drop or withdraw from your college course before the posted deadlines, the earned grade will show on your transcript.
  • You are still responsible for authorizing the College Opportunity Fund if you withdraw (not drop) from a concurrent enrollment course. Failure to authorize COF after withdrawing from a course may result in a due balance on your account.
  • If you drop your college class before the drop deadline, the course will not be reflected on your college transcript.
  • If you withdraw from your college course after the drop date but before the withdraw deadline, your college transcript will show a “W” for the course.

I have a 504 Plan or I.E.P. (individualized educational plan)

Accommodations may be made for students with disabilities, but different than your high school – you must start this process by visiting our Accessibility Center. Although there is an overlap in some of the accommodations that may be made, there are important differences as well. Use this guide to learn more (2-page PDF). Students in concurrent enrollment courses must follow the standards for college accommodations.