PRO-8, PRO-32, INST-17, & INST-17 Addendum, PRO-09, PRO-10, PRO-23, PRO-53

Faculty and Instructional Credentialing

Community College of Denver takes pride in the quality and dedication of our faculty and instructors. These materials assist us in documenting and ensuring that the quality and integrity of our processes are maintained.

  • CCD’s hiring and onboarding process is explained in the Faculty and Instructor Qualifications, Hiring, and Evaluation Guidelines INST-17.
  • The INST-17 Addendum defines the specific requirements for instructors and faculty by discipline.
  • We document qualifications at hire through Professional Qualification for Faculty/Instructors PRO–8.
  • On rare occasions, applicants require additional documentation to demonstrate their qualifications to teach. Faculty Qualification – Tested Professional Experience Form PRO–32 can be used by chairs in conjunction with PRO-8 in those instances.

Faculty and instructors teaching in our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs have an additional state requirement. They must hold a CTE credential.

  • Initial applicants must complete either PRO-50 the Occupational Experience Verification Form or PRO-51 Self-Employed Occupational Experience Verification Form.
  • Faculty renewing a credential must complete both PRO-53, the Renewal of Faculty CTE Certificate Application, and the PRO-23, Renewal Coursework Evaluation.
  • Instructors renewing a credential must complete PRO-52, the Renewal of Instructor CTE Certificate Application.

The process is explained in this welcome letter and is outlined in our CTE Credentialing (INTS-10) procedure.

Last updated: 
August 15, 2022