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Document Name Number Type Audience
Excel Zone - Reading Strategies: SQ3R Document Students
How to Prioritize: Make Time Conscious Choices Document Students
1098 Frequently Asked Questions Document Students
2020 Chinese Language Proficiency Testing
2020 W-4 HR-29 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
AAC Office Expectations AA-1 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Abbreviation List for Campus & Course Schedule Students
Ability to Benefit Test Referral FA-49 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Academic Advising & Student Success Center - Contact Form AA-18 Form Faculty & Staff
Academic Integrity Guideline INST-26 Guideline Students, Faculty & Staff
Academic Integrity Policy & Reporting Policy Students, Faculty & Staff
Academic Renewal Application ORR-2 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Academic Standards Handbook Document Faculty & Staff
Academic Suspension Appeal and Reinstatement Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Accommodation & Service Request Form AC-1 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Accounts Payable FAQs Document Faculty & Staff
Adding Video in YuJa and Editing Captions Document Faculty & Staff
Additional Location Application TLC-11 Form Faculty & Staff
Adjunct Assignment Letter Late Hire PRO-17 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Adjunct Instructors - Professional Development & Level Adjustment Criteria INST-7 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Adjunct Instructors- Level Change Request Form HR-40 Form Faculty & Staff
Admissions Promise Agreement ORR-4 Form Students
Advising Syllabus Students
Affidavit/Proof of Citizenship FA-70 Students
AHEC's & AMC's Door Key Request Forms Form Faculty & Staff
Amended Application ORR-5 Form Students
Annual Faculty Handbook | Appendix-I | Annual Faculty Performance Appraisal Report HR-47 Form Faculty & Staff
Annual Security Report Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Articles Document Students
Assessment of Ideal College Characteristics Document Students
Asset Management Request for Disposal Form BU-1 Form Faculty & Staff
ASSET-DACA KTDA Scholarships Document Students
Assets Form - Parent Document Students
Assets Form - Student Form Students
Assistive Technology Evaluation & Training Referral Form AC-4 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Audio Recorded Class Sessions Agreement AC-13 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Auraria Campus - Maps Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Auraria Campus Wi-Fi Map Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Award Disclosure FIS-26 Form Students
Banner Request for Access ORR-38 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Before, During, and After (BDA) Note Taking Document Students
Bi-Weekly Timesheet HR-38 Form Faculty & Staff
Biweekly Payroll Processing Timeline Document Faculty & Staff
Black Male Summit Sponsorship
Brand Style Guide Document Faculty & Staff
Breach of Student Confidentiality Guideline SA-6 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Bulletin Board Application PRES-2 Form Faculty & Staff
Campus Emergency Procedures Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Captioning Key Document Faculty & Staff
Cardholder Acknowledgements FIS-23 Form Faculty & Staff