Academic Suspension Appeal and Reinstatement

Academic Reinstatement

Students who have served their term of Academic Suspension should complete this online form to be reinstated as an active student and enable registration for the following semester. The form may be submitted before or during the required meeting with your Academic Advisor. The deadline to submit this form is 5 days before the first day of the classes you wish to take. All suspended students are eligible for reinstatement after one semester without taking classes.

Academic Suspension Appeal

Students who are placed on Academic Suspension and have not served the suspension term yet may use the online form to submit a Suspension Appeal. If the appeal is approved, students will continue taking classes without a pause in enrollment. The deadline to submit a Suspension Appeal is 5 days before the first day of the semester as shown on the Academic Calendar and students must meet with an Academic Advisor.

Last modified
January 29, 2024