Admissions Promise Agreement

Community College of Denver (CCD) has unique transfer opportunities with local four-year colleges and universities. One specific transfer opportunity that students can take advantage of is the Admissions Promise program. First-time freshmen in their first semester of college who are seeking an Associate of Science or an Associate of Arts can submit this form to enter the Admissions Promise Program for up to two of the following schools: Fort Lewis College, Johnson & Wales University, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, University of Colorado Denver. Registering your intent with the Admissions Promise means that you wish to build a relationship with the four-year school, but it is not a commitment/obligation to attend on your part.

The Admissions Promise form can only be submitted during the student's first semester at CCD and only if they are a first-time freshman. Students can follow up with CCD's Transfer Success Center after submitting the form to Office of Registration & Records for more information about their intended transfer college(s). The form is not a commitment or obligation by the student to attend these schools.

Last updated: 
January 25, 2018