SPARC Resource Center

The mission of CCD’s Resource Center is to support students’ academic success by providing all Cityhawks with inclusive, collaborative, and student-centered support services and culturally responsive programming. Specifically, we offer non-clinical peer support, strength-based coaching, connection to campus, and community-based resources and assistance. The CCD Resource Center also works to eliminate hunger and improve the health and well-being of all Cityhawks through the CCD Food Pantry, which provides judgment-free access to healthy and nutritious foods and food assistance programs. Please fill out our short Human Services Request Form to schedule a meeting.

To achieve our mission, the CCD Resource Center commits to:

  • Value difference & multiplicity
  • Engage the students we serve in a meaningful way.
  • Foster a holistic approach to supporting students
  • Challenge systems of oppression
  • Create a culture of self-reflection both as individuals and as a team.
  • Utilize a healing Justice framework to transform the consequences of oppression faced by the students we serve.
  • Promote food justice by addressing historic trauma associated with injustice in our food system.

Get Food

We offer programs such as a food pantry, snack stops, and grab-n-go bags to assist our student community with fresh and non-perishable food. 

Request Financial Assistance 

Are you having a hard time paying your rent? Do you need emergency shelter? Are you looking for affordable housing options? Could you use some financial support for child care? Our team is here to help. 

Health & Wellbeing

Our team is here to support your health and well-being. From workshops to resources, we want to aid you in being your best self.

Advocacy & Support

CCD Resource Center offers coaches and programs to help you build resilience and become self-sufficient.