CCD/Auraria Campus Resources for Spring 2023

No student should have to struggle, financially, physically, or mentally. CCD offers services to help.

Community College of Denver offers many resources to help students, whether academically and/or financially. Here are some things that may help to know for the Spring semester.


Lending Library

Books are a major expense in college. I remember holding off on getting a book for a class for as long as possible. It bit me on the tailfeathers later in the semester when there was homework from a chapter. Don’t do that.

Instead, use CCD’s Lending Library. There are books and calculators available to borrow. Pick them up the next business day after you have registered online.

*Current textbook editions are not guaranteed.*

Early registration begins January 4-11, 2023.

Registration will open on January 17, 2023.

Register here.

Project Success Emergency Aid

Life is… unexpected sometimes. The Project Success Fund is designed to support students facing emergency financial hardship. Students must be enrolled in a certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree program at the time of the aid request. This is a one-time use emergency aid fund.

Eligible students can receive up to $500 in a lifetime to pay for unforeseen financial emergencies, including, but not limited to, utilities, food, and childcare.

Apply here.


We offer a ton of different scholarships for you to be able to afford higher education, some of which include money for book fees and housing assistance. They are all listed on CCD’s website with more information about each one available. Some are even fun, like the Digital Storytelling Scholarship.

Click here to see scholarship opportunities.


On-campus Food Pantry

CCD offers a food pantry open to all Community College of Denver students, regardless of which campus you attend. Receive up to 15 items a week, with additional items depending on the size of your household OR if you bring your own bag.

Sign up here.

Side note: there are free snacks all over campus to allow you to make it through your next class without your stomach rumbling. You just have to know where to look!

Share Meals App

Oftentimes, staff meetings or events happening around campus will have additional food left over from probably somewhere delicious. Instead of wasting it by throwing it away, students that have signed up for the app will be contacted about where to get these nummy, perfectly good (and safe) leftovers.

Sign up here.

Pro Tip: attend every campus event you can. Eight out of 10 times, the event will have food of some sort. That way, you get to see cool stuff going on and grab a snack or pizza or whatever it might be.

Physical and Mental Health

Counseling Center

Have you ever thought about therapy but decided not to go because of the cost? Whether you need assistance with stress management or anxiety – and everywhere in between – CCD’s counseling center has got you covered… literally. Every student is entitled to up to eight sessions per year.

Call 303.352.6436 to schedule an appointment or visit the Counseling Center in the Tivoli Student Center

LGBTQ+ Student Resource Center

Run by MSU, this space is open to all students from all three colleges on the Auraria campus. It’s a great place to decompress, find cool pins (students working there create their own designs), or heat up your lunch.

This space, nestled in the corner of the Boulder Creek Building, has two private rooms. These rooms are used for meditation, a break from sensory overload, and a place to comfortably breastfeed as a mother. The LGBTQ+ Resource Center also has hygiene products, some school supplies, and food that is available at no cost.

The Tivoli Student Union Room 213 also offers LGBTQ+ students on the Auraria campus support, advocacy services, and more. 

Health Center

With Health Center at Auraria, students have easy access to medical services right on campus. Everything from immunizations, STI testing, X-rays, and transgender care.

Click here for all medical services offered.


Need to go to the dentist but don’t know where to start? CCD’s Dental Hygiene program allows students to have hands-on experience while professors oversee their work… all at a lower cost than a typical dental clinic.

Become a patient.

YMCA Membership

Start your physical health journey. Join Downtown Denver’s YMCA for free, just for being a CCD student.

To sign up, you must visit the downtown YMCA branch location in person and bring proof of current student status at CCD.

Reflection Room

On the third floor of the Cherry Creek building, you will find the Reflection Room. This space is meant to give students a safe, judge-free zone to meditate, perform salat, or any other spiritual practices. It is open during campus hours and available for use at any time throughout the day. 


RTD Pass

No need to stress about getting to class. Every student at CCD is eligible for a free RTD Pass. Get your student ID, and then head down to the 7th Street parking garage to get your photo taken and pass printed right then and there.


Accessibility Center

Students with disabilities deserve the best quality education too. The Accessibility Center, located in Confluence Room 121, assists students with the tools they need to succeed, including accommodated testing, assistive technology, and more. 

You will need to set up an intake appointment either in-person or by calling 303.556.3300. 


Located on the 4th floor of Confluence, find all your tutoring needs here! The EXCEL Zone offers academic coaching and tutors for every subject. Have a paper that needs proofreading? CCD has someone to help. Need a little assistance navigating the technology CCD uses for your classes? The EXCEL Zone has your back.

You will also have access to a beautiful, quiet room with views of the mountains to study in peace. Highly recommend checking out this workspace.