Student Clubs & Organizations

Student-Run Organizations = A Key Aspect of Student Life

The Office of Student Life is committed to enhancing the college experience by involving students in co-curricular programs, cultural experiences, leadership training and community building. We strongly believe that student organizations and activities should encourage involvement by all students regardless of sex, race, age, religion, sexual orientation or nationality.

If you have additional questions, we encourage you to stop by the Office of Student Life where our staff will help you get started in joining an organization or starting one of your own.

You are encouraged to explore opportunities outside the classroom that support your academic development and growth as individuals. There are over 20 organizations that have been started by students and have been designed by students and faculty to promote new experiences, which are vital to campus life. If you do not find an organization that fits your style and goals, we encourage you to create a new organization around something you have a personal interest in, such as a hobby or outside activity.

Academic Honors Societies

National Society of Leadership & Success

This is the nation's largest leadership honors society and students are selected by their college for membership based on either academic standing or leadership potential. Candidacy is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction. With 496 chapters, the Society currently has 541,402 members nationwide. Learn more & join NSLS here.

Tim Benson | Advisor |

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

PTK provides opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service, and fellowship programming to CCD students. Learn more & join PTK here.

Nicholas Morris | Advisor |
Johanna Morrison | Advisor |

Psi Beta

Psi Beta promotes professional development of psychology students attending two-year colleges. Learn more & join Psi Beta here.

Casey Casler | Advisor |

Wendy Parslow-Helton | Advisor |


Auraria Campus Student Organizations

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CityHawk Flock

This is an organization for students interested in working with CCD's mascot, Swoop.

Ashley Jaramillo | Advisor |

Criminal Justice Club

The Criminal Justice Club provides helpful information, contacts, and support for CRJ majors. Learn more about Criminal Justice at CCD.

Petia Ouzounova | Advisor |

DREAMer’s United

DREAMer's United empowers students to overcome the adversity and stigma that is associated with being a DREAMer by creating a positive impact in the community through volunteer opportunities and campus involvement. Learn More.

Ivonne Kossik  | Advisor | or

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

GSA is dedicated to fostering a sense of community among LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and, well, everyone else!). GSA seeks to promote understanding on campus and provide educational opportunities for those interested.

John O'Leary | Advisor | John.O'

IT Club

The IT Club helps students master skills needed in the world of Information Technology.

Mary Murphy | Advisor |

Math Club

Explore mathematical puzzles. Expand your connection with the campus community by joining the Math Club.

Brittni Lorton | Advisor | 
Jean Hindie |

Muslim Student Association

The MSA aims to cultivate a peer community for CCD students, regardless of religious beliefs, where they can learn about Islam and how they can support students who are from Muslim countries.

Imane Benjelloun | Advisor |

Music Club

The Music Club is for music lovers of all kinds and offers study tables and an exploration of all aspects of music. For a journey to the creative and wonderful world of music, join in! Open to all students (music major is not a requirement).

Megan Buness | Advisor |

CCD NASA Spacegrant

Build a functional robot capable of traversing Martian terrain, or send a demo-satellite loaded with scientific instruments to the edge of earth’s atmosphere! The CCD branch of Nasa’s Spacegrant program is the place for hands-on experience in scientific, electrical, and computerized concepts, as well as project-oriented teamwork and leadership skills. Our club is open to all students with no experience necessary. Work with our group to learn and build technology together!"

Joel Thompson | Advisor |

Science Club

The Science Club provides students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with activities and academic support to help you succeed in your major.  

Kimberly Gottfredsen | Advisor |

Seven Thunders

Provides a place where students with questions concerning the Bible can come and discuss with no prejudice. Includes a profound and in-depth study of scriptures; including the original languages of the Bible ie. Hebrew and Greek to authenticate the studies. Welcomes questions and concerns in regard to the Bible and the History of religion. Also focuses on both a male and female image of God shown through the entire Bible.

Abraham Sanchez | Advisor |

Student Ambassadors Club

The Student Ambassadors Club stimulates personal exploration and professional cooperation with opportunities for you to achieve personal and academic success. Team-building, leadership, and critical problem-solving skills are developed in pursuit of the goal to contribute to a culture of excellence at CCD. Learn more & join here.

Abraham Sanchez | Advisor |

Theater of the Hawk

Theater of the Hawk offers exciting opportunities for you to participate in theater productions.

Nick Taylor | Advisor | 


Provides student members with support and resources for professional networking, study-group arrangements, volunteer opportunities and social settings for students to meet and get to know one another.

Imane Benjelloun | Advisor |

Urban Male Initiative (UMI)

UMI provides opportunities for members to actively engage in the Auraria campus culture, develop leadership skills, and participate in community service activities that will empower UMI men to grow academically, professionally and socially. Learn more about UMI and join today.

Veterans Club

The Veterans Club supports and engages veterans currently enrolled at CCD.

Trevor Wichert | Advisor |

Women Intentional about Success and Excellence (WISE)

WISE members actively participate in CCD and Auraria campus events to help increase the number and presence of female students who are committed to leaving a lasting, positive impact on CCD.

Tanika Vaughn | Advisor |

Lowry Campus Student Organizations

Vet Tech Club

Join the local Vet Tech Club, a branch of the National Association of Veterinary Techs in America (SCNAVTA), which promotes the professional and educational advancement of veterinary technicians.

Keith Semerod | Advisor | 

Radiologic Technician Club (RTC)

RTC promotes the professional and educational advancement of radiologic technicians.

Johanna Morrison | Advisor |

To start a new organization, complete this process in the spring, so your club can be recognized for the following academic year.

  • Read the Student Organization Handbook.
  • Complete the most recent Student Organization Registration form and submit it to the Office of Student Life.
  • Create, submit, and keep an updated constitution.
  • Elect one CCD student as president and one as the financial officer.
  • Recruit a CCD faculty or staff member to serve as your organization’s advisor.
  • Have one officer and your advisor attend an Organization Orientation session at the beginning of the year.
  • Hold officer elections during the spring semester for the following academic year.

The following are requirements to maintain recognition of your club:

  • All officers must maintain a GPA of 2.3 or higher and be enrolled in at least six (6) credits hours at CCD, as well as maintain good standing with the College.
  • All officers must participate in two club orientations a year, two community service projects a year, and attend at least three (3) events on the Auraria campus per year.

Questions? Contact the Office of Student Life, Kathryn Mahoney, 303.556.2597.