Student Organization Handbook

The Office of Student Life at CCD is committed to enhancing the college experience of CCD students by involving students in co-curricular programs, cultural experiences, leadership training and community building.

The creation and support of student organizations is one way in which these goals are met. At CCD, students are encouraged to explore opportunities outside of the classroom that support their academic development and growth as individuals. Student organizations at CCD are designed to promote these experience and are vital to campus life. Students are encouraged to create organizations that are of interest to them. Their personal investment in hobbies and outside activities often make the best organizations!

The material in the Student Organization Handbook is intended to help create student organizations at the Community College of Denver. If you have additional questions concerning Student Organizations, please feel free to visit the Office of Student Life, located in the Tivoli Student Union, Room 309 or call us at 303.556.2597.

Last updated: 
June 24, 2019