CTE Program Management


Career & Technical Education programs lead students to real jobs in several different areas of study. You can look up job projections, educational requirements, and general list of job duties for Colorado jobs at the Labor Market Information website.

Plans of Study

Career & Technical Education programs have additional administrative requirements as per Colorado, which are administered through the Colorado Community College System. Each CTE program must have a plan of study, which we here at CCD embed in Degree Works. They are often also listed on the program’s homepage. A how-to guide can be found on the CCCS home page.

Five-Year Review

CTE programs must also undergo a five-year review process through CCCS.


Additionally, CTE programs are required to report their enrollment, graduation, and placement rates every year — called the VE-135. CCD’s five-year completion rate and our placement rate is found at the Colorado CTE reports website.

CTE Performance Targets

All CTE programs are held to the commitments within the Perkins grant, even if they do not receive Perkins funding.

CCD CTE programs are also committed to the following: Five-Year Goals, One-Year Goals, Improvement Plan

Performance Metrics

Each CTE program has a performance metric that is issued every year that indicates a breakdown of its retention, graduation, and placement rates both overall and by specific sub-populations. This can be further described in the administrator’s handbook and is distributed to the chair and dean of the program every summer.


All CTE programs must adhere to the administrator’s handbook guidelines and to the advisory committee guide. Advisory committee membership, by-laws and meeting minutes must be uploaded every year to the G drive.