Career & Technical Education Administration

Welcome to all things Career and Technical Education (CTE) administration here at CCD.

Look no further for information on faculty credentialing, CTE program management, and Perkins grant management. We want to be your one-stop-shop for all your administrative needs, so if you need something you cannot find, please email us at


  • Faculty CTE Credentialing: Get started on your CTE credential application, renewal, or to understand the credentialing process.
  • CTE Program Management: Get information on matters specific to CTE programs including VE-135 reporting, performance metrics, five-year and one-year CTE goals, and CCCS review process.
  • Perkins Grant Management: Get information on how to apply for Perkins grant funding, our current funding projects, and how to ensure that your Perkins-funded equipment is being tracked properly.


CTE Time Line


  • Perkins Grant - The new fiscal local plan begins on July 1
  • CTE Programs - The annual CACTE conference occurs this month. Hotel and travel must be obligated this month. This is the Colorado Association of Career and Technical Educators and is primarily geared toward secondary schools, but can be useful for some programs,  especially if they partner with concurrent enrollment.
  • Perkins Grant - Update all bi-weekly and monthly grant payment forms and distribute to all recipients who use those forms.


  • Perkins Grant - All Perkins grant recipients will be sent an email within one week of the Perkins grant approval from CCCS encouraging them to spend their Perkins money within 90 days or to be prepared to answer why they have not done so.
  • CTE Programs - Please ensure that all CTE faculty are credentialed.


  • Perkins Grant - All recipients of Perkins who have not yet spent their money will be sent a reminder email telling them to spend their funding by October 31st. These emails will be CC’d to supervisors.
  • CTE Programs - For all CTE program renewals, please send an email to CCCS asking for the program to be opened for review.
  • Perkins Grant - Perkins grant Voucher I is due (July 1 – September 30)


  • Perkins Grant - Remember not to purchase any capital equipment (over $5,000) until after the first voucher.
  • Perkins Grant - All recipients of Perkins will be sent a reminder email telling them to spend their funding by October 31st. Supervisors and office managers will be added to this notification.
  • Perkins Grant - The Perkins administrator will work with IT to ensure that all equipment purchased this year has been tagged appropriately, and to receive copies of the relevant asset data sheets.
  • Perkins Grant - The Perkins administrator will ensure that each Perkins plan which uses bi-weekly or monthly users have an annual training to ensure correct compliance.


  • CTE Programs - CTE Advisory Committee Meeting
    • Review any letters it has received explaining non-compliance with the spending requirements of Perkins. Money not yet spent may be recalled for other purchases.
    • Go over performance metrics and anticipate areas of improvement and a plan for improvement.
    • Go over the one year plan and chart progress.
    • Determine how much money must be re-allocated (based on non-spending) and will begin to contact non-recipients about the funding available.
  • CTE Programs - Register for CACTA


  • Perkins Grant - Mid-year reports are due by all Perkins recipients including:
    • What has been purchased so far?
    • An update on the measurable outcomes
  • Perkins Grant - All Perkins purchases in place will be tagged and in the IT system before the end of a break.
  • VE – 135 - Postcard mock-up sent to CCD Creative Services for review.
  • VE 135 - data is available for CCD use. IR will send postcards to all relevant former students asking them to respond to the VE 135 data request.


  • Perkins Grant - Voucher 2 is posted (October 1 – December 31)
  • Perkins Grant - The Perkins administrator must submit an intent to participate form to CCCS for the next fiscal year.
  • CTE Programs - Local improvement plans come out if you fail to meet 90 percent of state target on performance metrics.
  • VE 135 - IR will send out at least two email blasts to all students who have not responded to the postcards asking them to respond to the VE 135 data request.


  • CTE Programs – CTE Advisory Committee Meeting
    • Review and update the Perkins grant application and any other procedures or documents that require updating
    • Training to update potential recipients on Perkins changes, and to discuss next year’s local plan.
    • If relevant create a five-year plan to be discussed and finalized in March or April.
    • Review any letters it has received explaining non-compliance with the spending requirements of Perkins and finalize spending for the year.
    • VE – 135 – By Feb. 1, IR will give each CTE Chair a list of all former students who have not yet responded so that faculty can personally contact those students. CTE Chairs will be given instructions as to what information needs to be collected.
    • The annual CACTA meeting is this month. This is the Colorado Association of Career and Technical Administrators. There is always a federal update, sessions on how to improve your program, and the CCCS deans meeting. It is held in Colorado Springs.


  • Perkins Grant - Distribute the applicants, rubrics and handouts for next year’s applicants.
  • CTE Programs - Collect names of CTE faculty/administrators who wish to attend either CACTE or CACTA for the next fiscal year.
  • Perkins Grant - Third quarter voucher due
  • VE 135 - By March 15 CTE chairs will report back to IR the data they have collected.
  • VE 135 - By March 30, IR will finalize and submit VE 135 data to the CCCS.


  • Perkins Grant - Last day to revise the Perkins plan is April 30!
  • CTE Programs – The Advisory Committee will accept submissions to serve on next year’s advisory committee.
  • Perkins Grant - Review open purchases to ensure completion by June 15.
  • CTE Programs - By April 30, IR should send the results of the VE-135 data to the relevant chair and dean for their use


  • Perkins Grant - The Perkins administrator will receive notification of the Perkins award, the amount and the performance metric. All will be sent to the relevant colleagues within one week of receipt.
  • Register for CACTE - only registration is funded now.
  • CTE Programs – CTE Advisory Committee Retreat
    • Finalize the one- and five-year local plans
    • Finalize the final local improvement plans
    • Go over the performance metric and plans for improvement
    • Go over the assessment of Perkins plans
    • Workshop next year’s Perkins purchases
  • Perkins Grant – the CTE Advisory committee members will vote on the Perkins submissions for the following year, all successful recipients will be emailed
  • Perkins Grant - Call vendors and inform them that we will cancel orders not completed by June 15.


  • If Perkins funds were used to hire a faculty member to develop a program, that program must be submitted for CCCS approval by June 30!
  • Submit the local plan for the following year for approval – no money can be spent until after the plan has been approved (this is also true for revisions)
  • Cancel any purchases that cannot be completed by June 30th.