Assessment at CCD

Common Questions Regarding Assessment

  • It increases awareness of what students are learning.
  • It provides a framework for faculty discussions of course and program design.
  • It is a systematic method for departmental sequencing, planning, and improvements.
  • It makes learning intentional by explicitly stating expectations for learning.

Assessment focuses on analyzing student learning to determine whether students have acquired the skills, knowledge, and competencies associated with their program of study.

  • Please read our most current copy of our annual assessment report. (Coming Soon!)

Please connect with your Student Learning Committee (SLC) co-chairs Wade Fox or Chris Holcom to get more involved. Thanks!


Every year, CCD presents a day where we provide a summary of our current assessment activities and engage in professional development to improve our assessment practices. This is a highly informative event with participants from both faculty and staff. Please join us as we continue our assessment journey.

CAS (Council for Advancement of Standards) Assessments

Student learning is a college-wide affair. These reports are provided by our enrollment services division every three years. They align with the Council for Advancement of Standards assessment model and are reported based on the schedule below.

CAS Standards Self-Evaluations Schedule

  2012-13 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
Enrollment Services
Financial Aid   Fall     Due 6/30/18  
Recruitment   7/1/2015     Due 6/30/18  
Admissions (ARO)   7/1/2015     Due 6/30/18  
Orientation (ARO)   7/1/2015     Due 6/30/18  
Veterans (ARO)     10/1/2015     Due 6/30/19
Registrar (ORR)     10/1/2015     Due 6/30/19
International Admissions (ARO)   7/1/2015     Due 6/30/18  
Student Development & Retention
Academic Advising & Student Success Center     Postponed Due    
Testing Center   7/31/2015     Due 6/30/18  
Accessibility Center     3/1/2016     Due 6/30/19
KEYS/Jumpstart     3/1/2016     Due 6/30/19
TRIO EOC     8/20/2015     Due 6/30/19
TRIO SSS   6/26/2015     Due 6/30/18  
Student Life
Student Conduct   12/1/2014     Due 6/30/18  
Student Activities   12/1/2014     Due 6/30/18  
Student Events   12/1/2014     Due 6/30/18  
Career Development Center 3/1/2012     Due    
Human Services   12/1/2014     Due 6/30/18  
Transfer Success Center     7/31/2015     Due 6/30/19