Apply to the Veterinary Technology Program

The Veterinary Technology Application is Open

Steps to Successful Enrollment

  1. Please follow the instructions below and gather the appropriate documents before you complete our online application.
  2. Once you have these forms completed, please scan and save the documents to your computer. Then submit your accompanying forms as attachments to our online application.
  3. Complete the required prerequisite courses:
    1. BIO 1111 General Biology with Lab (within the last seven years)
    2. ENG 1021 English Composition or ENG 1031 Technical Writing
    3. MAT 1120 Math for Clinical Calculations or Higher    
    4. If you are applying to the apprenticeship track, you must complete all prerequisite courses with a 3.0 GPA or higher to be considered for the apprenticeship program.
  4. Regardless of current or past experiences, applicants are required to observe at least two different veterinary technicians, not veterinarians, for a minimum of 4 hours each. Signatures and other pertinent information should be filled out on the Verification of Observation Form. Submit this form with the application. Download the form here.
  5. Two professional references are required. References should be obtained from a current or past employer, college professor, or someone else who can attest to the applicant's professionalism, commitment to learning, or similar attributes. Family members do not make good reference sources.

If you've already prepared application materials, you're ready to begin the online application

After you have completed each step above and have submitted your completed online application, you will be emailed one of the following notifications:

  • that your application is complete with the specifics of the next steps.
  • that your application is incomplete and what is needed.
  • or that your application does not meet the minimum qualifications.

Due to the large volume of applications received, we ask that you do not contact our office inquiring about your application status. We will contact you via your CCD student email address, informing you if your application is complete or if we need additional information. Please wait for the arrival of this email before contacting our office.

If you have applied to this program within the last two (2) years and want to reactivate your application, you must provide a written and signed letter requesting that the following be reactivated:

  1. You must resubmit the main application
  2. Verification of Observation 
  3. Transcripts - Note: You must submit a new official transcript if any changes/updates have occurred before your last submission
  4. References