Vet Tech (AAS) Three-Year Track Curriculum

About The Program

74-75 Credits

Just as humans need nurses, so do animals. Veterinary technicians are an important part of the veterinary care team who perform a variety of tasks such as holding and restraining animals during exams and treatments, collecting specimens, doing routine laboratory procedures, taking diagnostic X-rays, administering medication or treatments, assisting in surgery, and working with human clients – pet owners and caretakers. You can complete the program in five semesters and find career opportunities in private vet practices, research laboratories, kennels, zoos, and local, state, and federal agencies. CCD’s vet tech program provides you with clinical experience in various Denver-area veterinary clinics and shelters.

With an AAS degree in Veterinary Technology, you will be an important member of the veterinary team providing quality and humane care to animals. You will assist in surgery, provide emergency, extensive, and general nursing care and perform lab procedures, and more.

Academic Plan: Associate of Applied Science, Veterinary Technology

Pathway: Health Sciences

BIO 1111 General Biology 5
ENG 1021 or ENG 1031 English Composition or Technical Writing 3
MAT 1120 Math for Clinical Calculations 3
VET 1002 Veterinary Medical Terminology 1
VET 1016 Humane Treatment/Handling of Animals  3
VET 2005 Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology I 4
  Total 8
*VET 1020 Office Prodedures & Relations 2
  Summer Semester| Ist Year,  
VET 1008 Intro to Laboratory Procedures 3
GEN ED (Public Speaking COM 1150) (3)
GEN ED (SOC 1001 or Psych 1001) (3)
  Total 3
VET 2006 Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology II 4
VET 1072 First-Year Clinical Rotation 1
VET 1082 Internship I 2
  Total 7
*VET 1020 Office Procedures and Relations 2

*Vet 1020 Office Procedures (2 credits) and Vet 1002 Medical Terminology (1 credit) must be completed before beginning the fall semester of the 2nd year. These two courses can be taken during the fall or spring of the 1st year but are not available during the summer semester.

VET 2106 Exotic handling 2
VET 2024 Pharmacology 3
VET 1015  Surgical Nursing 2
  Total 7
VET 1034 Diagnostic Imaging 2
VET 2080 Diagnostic Imaging Internship 1
VET 2043 Microbiology 3
GEN ED  (Public Speaking COM 1150 (3)
GEN ED (SOC 1001 or Psych 1001) (3)
  Total 6
VET 2027 Animal Nutrition 2
VET 1241 Clinical Laboratory Procedures 4
VET 2081 Internship 2  3
VET 2023 Introduction to Anesthesia 1
  Total 10
VET 2082 Internship 3 4
VET 2025 Anesthesiology 3
VET 2032 Veterinary Dentistry 1
  Total  8
VET 1034 Diagnostic Imaging 2
VET 2080 Diagnostic Imaging Internship 1
VET 2043 Microbiology 3
GEN ED (Public Speaking COM 1150) (3)
GEN ED (SOC 1001 or Psych 1001) (3)
  Total  6
VET 2039 Large Animal Nursing 2
VET 2038 Small Animal Nursing  2
VET 2042 Critical Care 2
VET 2050 Clinical Competency Evaluation 2
  Total 8

*SOC 1001 or PSY 1001 COM 1150 can be taken at any time throughout the program but must be completed before graduation. This course is not part of the cohort model, and the Vet Tech program cannot guarantee the days and times when this course will be offered. It is strongly recommended that you take this course before entry into the program. 

 *VET 2027 Nutrition (2 credits) must be taken before graduation. It can be taken during any semester it is offered.

MAT 1120 Math for Clinical Calculations 3
SOC 1001 or PSY 1001 Intro to Sociology or Intro to Psych 3
ENG 1021 English Composition 3
COM 1150 Principals of Speech 3
BIO 1111 General College Biology 5