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Monthly Timesheet HR-39 Form Faculty & Staff
Personal Services Business Case Form HR-4 Form Faculty & Staff
Adjunct Instructors- Level Change Request Form HR-40 Form Faculty & Staff
Work-Study Job Information Form HR-41 Form Faculty & Staff
Civil Rights Complaint Incident Report HR-42 Document Faculty & Staff
Grievance - Incident Report Form - Non-Civil Rights Complaints HR-43 Form Faculty & Staff
Classified Performance Plan HR-45 Form Faculty & Staff
Faculty Post-Retirement Approval Form HR-46 Form Faculty & Staff
Annual Faculty Handbook | Appendix-I | Annual Faculty Performance Appraisal Report HR-47 Form Faculty & Staff
CCD Loyalty Oath HR-49 Form Faculty & Staff
Compensatory Time Agreement HR-5 Form Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Adjunct Instructor Welcome Letter HR-51 Form Faculty & Staff
Scope of Work HR-55 Form Faculty & Staff
Hourly, Student Hourly & Work-Study Job Posting Template HR-56 Form Faculty & Staff
New Hire Form HR-57 Form Faculty & Staff
Code of Ethics HR-6 Form Faculty & Staff
Sexual Misconduct HR-7 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Confidentiality Agreement HR-7 Form Faculty & Staff
Civil Rights Grievance & Investigation HR-8 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Drug Free School Campuses & Workplace HR-8 Form Faculty & Staff
Civil Rights Grievance & Investigation Process for Employees HR-9 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Drug Free Notification Packet - Drug Free Workplace Awareness Program HR-9 Form Faculty & Staff
CTE Credentialing INST-10 Guideline Faculty & Staff
D2L Support to Faculty & Staff INST-11 Guideline Faculty & Staff
D2L Support for Students INST-12 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Faculty Professional Development Program Grant Program INST-16 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Receiving & Reselling Instructional Material INST-18 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Early Alert System INST-19 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Educational Travel Abroad INST-2 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Integration of Third Party Materials into D2L INST-20 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Concurrent Enrollment Adjunct Instructor Requirements INST-21 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Online Hybrid Guideline INST-22 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Master Syllabus Guideline INST-23 Guideline Faculty & Staff
HLC Additional Location Criteria for High Schools Offering Concurrent Enrollment INST-24 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Special Approval for Concurrent Enrollment Course Requests INST-25 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Academic Integrity Guideline INST-26 Guideline Students, Faculty & Staff
Contact to Credit Hour Crosswalk INST-27 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Parts of Term Guideline & Form INST-28 & PRO-46 Guideline Students, Faculty & Staff
Faculty and Instructor Absence Guideline INST-29 Faculty & Staff, Secured
Use of Faculty Authored Textbooks INST-3 Guideline Faculty & Staff
No Textbook Cost Designations and Processes INST-30 Guideline
Instructor Duties & Responsibilities INST-31 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Learning & Academic Affairs Records Retention INST-4 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Use of Classroom Space INST-5 Guideline Faculty & Staff
New Faculty Orientation INST-6 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Adjunct Instructors - Professional Development & Level Adjustment Criteria INST-7 Guideline Faculty & Staff
TLC Equipment Rental INST-8 Guideline Faculty & Staff
VPN Access Guideline IT-1 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Information Technology Services VPN Access Request IT-10 Form Faculty & Staff
IT Project Request IT-13 Form Faculty & Staff