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Document Name Number Type Audience
Teaching Learning Center - WeVideo Guides Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Technology Planning Priority Committee IT-6 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Test Delivery Agreement TEST-9 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Test Registration Form TEST-7 Form Faculty & Staff
Text Communication Guideline SA-5 Guideline Faculty & Staff
The Apostrophe Document Students
The Colon Document Students
Third Party Authorization Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Timesheet Biweekly Template Grant Reporting FIS-10 Form Faculty & Staff
Timesheet Monthly Template Grant Reporting FIS-9 Form Faculty & Staff
Tips for Being a Successful Learner Document Students
Tips for Teaching a Blind Student at CCD Document Faculty & Staff
TLC Equipment Rental INST-8 Guideline Faculty & Staff
TLC Meeting & Training Attendance TLC-15 Form Faculty & Staff
Transfer Frequently Asked Questions Document Students
Transfer Mentor Guideline Signature Form TS-9 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Transitions Document Students
Travel Authorization Form Faculty & Staff
Travel Card FS-12 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Travel Expense Reimbursement Request FIS-21 Form Faculty & Staff
Travel Proposal Form EASS-1 Form Faculty & Staff
Tri-Institutional Committees for Facilities Management Document Faculty & Staff
TRIO Exit Form TRIO-8 Form Faculty & Staff
TRIO Professional Referral TRIO-4 Form Faculty & Staff
TRIO Reflection Form
TRIO Responsibility Contract TRIO-3 Form Faculty & Staff
TRIO Student Activity TRIO-2 Form Faculty & Staff
TRIO Student Contact TRIO-1 Form Faculty & Staff
Tuition & Fees Document Students
Tuition Classification Appeal Form ORR-26 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Tutoring - Arithmetic Document Students