Alternative Format Textbooks

Students approved for alternative format accommodations will receive their course textbooks in an electronic format. Alternative format text is provided to students on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must contact the Accessibility Center (AC) to receive accommodations and again each semester to renew your accommodations. When you are eligible to receive alternative media as an accommodation, you will be referred to the Assistive Technology (AT) Coordinator. 

  1. Request your alternative format textbook(s) as soon as possible. Preparing each book does take some time (allow five to eight weeks). Email all book information (Title, Author, ISBN, Edition) to the Assistive Technology Coordinator
  2. You must purchase a copy of the book and provide proof of purchase/receipts (for copyright purposes) before you receive your book files. Please email proof of purchase to the Assistive Technology Coordinator
  3. Once your receipts are submitted, you will sign a copyright/lending agreement.
  4. When your materials are ready, and the agreement is signed, your book files will be provided to you electronically.  

Text-to-Speech for Alternative Text

The AC may provide text-to-speech software for use with electronic textbooks to read textbooks aloud. Software may be available with a license provided by the AC on a semester basis, depending on availability. If you are determined eligible by your Accessibility Specialist and there is availability, you will be referred to the Assistive Technology Coordinator for training.