Foundational Skills Institute

The Foundational Skills Institute at CCD provides direct instruction for adults who need to prepare for the GED® or HiSET® exams, or for English language proficiency (ESL). Classes are taught by professionally trained and certified instructors. Our program will meet you wherever you are in your education and in your life, and help you achieve your goals. Our adult students are all ages and come to us from all walks of life.

FSI Vision

FSI is a safe and supportive space that encourages and assists adults to attain the necessary skills to achieve their educational, work, and life goals.

Our Mission

We support and encourage individuals in pursuit of education and training that leads to a career and a sustainable future for themselves and their families.

Year Round Options

Term 1: January - March
Orientations start in December

Term 2: April - June
Orientations start in March

Term 3: July-September
Orientations start in June

Term 4: October-December
Orientations start in September

About Our Programs


Call us at 303.352.6805 or email

For Foundational Skills Institute accessibility information, please contact Stephanie Lindberg, FSI Accessibility Design Coordinator.