Document Library for Students

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Document Name Number Type
1098 Frequently Asked Questions Document
2016 Commencement Rehearsal Exit Reminder Document
2016 W-4 HR-29 Form
Academic Suspension Reinstatement Packet AA-3 Form
ACT - SAT or Accuplacer Test Results TEST-4 Form
Active Duty Military Residency Requirement Waiver ARR-3 Form
Admissions Promise Agreement ARR-4 Form
Amended Application ARR-5 Form
Aplicacion Prestamos Plus Para Padres De Familia FA-40 Form
Application for Admissions - PDF Form
Assessment of Ideal College Characteristics Document
ASSET-DACA KTDA Scholarships Document
Auraria Campus - Map Document
Auraria Campus Wi-Fi Map Document
Authorization for Access to Education Records ARR-7 Form
Award Disclosure FIS-26 Form
Awarding Scholarships to High School Equivalency Diploma Recipients GED-5 Form
Behavioral Sciences - Brochure Document
Biology Challenge - Placement Test - Outlines Document
Biology Outlines of Tests Document
Business Technology Program - Brochure Document
Career Guide Document
CCD Catalog Document
CCD Catalog Addendum Document
CCD Field Trip Release & Waiver of Rights, Assumption of Risks & Release of Liability Agreement PRO-11 Form
CCTE Internship Program - General Guidelines for Internship Final Report CCTE-13 Form
CCTE Internship Program - Student Evaluation of Internship CCTE-11 Form
CCTE Internship Program - Student Internship Agreement Form CCTE-9 Form
CCTE Internship Program - Student Internship Enrollment Agreement CCTE-10 Form
CCTE Internship Program - Student Internship Time Sheet CCTE-14 Form
CCTE Internship Program - Student Performance Evaluation CCTE-12 Form
CCTE Internship Program - Student Volunteer Internship Agreement CCTE-15 Form
CDC Resume Worksheets Document
Champ Grant Internship Agreement Packet & Handbook Document
Change of Information Request ARR-8 Form
Children on College Premises Procedure PO-2 Procedure
Class Audit ARR-9 Form
Clery Act Report Document
CO National Guard Residency Requirement Waiver ARR-38 Form
COF Authorization ARR-35 Form
COF Waiver Request ARR-10 Form
Community College Placement Test Workbook Document
Community Volunteer Assignment Contract PRO-13 Form
Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request FA-3 Form
Course Overload Checklist AA-4 Form
Cover Letter Outline Document
Credit Completion Warning 2 AA-9 Form
Credit Completion Warning 3 & Appeal AA-10 Form
CT Program Admission Application RAD-8 Form
CT Program Questionnaire RAD-16 Form