Document Library for Students

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Document Name Number Type
Parent PLUS Loan Application (in English) FA-8 Form
Parent Tax Filing Status FA-52 Form
Parts of Term Guideline & Form INST-28 & PRO-46 Guideline
Petition for In-State Tuition ARR-19 Form
Petition for Independence FA-9 Form
Petition for Repeated Course ORR-20 Form
Pets on College Property PO-1 Guideline
Placement Test Score Release Form TEST-13 Form
Policies & Guidebook Document
Popcorn Machine Rental Agreement OSL-4 Form
Post-Graduation Student Contact Form PRO-25 Form
Professional Judgment Request Form
Program Assessment | Office of the Provost Document
Program of Study Change Request ORR-22 Form
QuickGuide - Degree Works Document
QuickGuide - How to Add a Course Document
QuickGuide - How to Authorize Colorado Opportunity Fund Document
QuickGuide - How to Check Drop & Withdraw Dates Document
QuickGuide - How to Check Final Grades Document
QuickGuide - How to Drop or Withdraw from Class Document
QuickGuide - How to Install Office 365 Document
QuickGuide - How to Request an Official Transcript Document
QuickGuide - How to Update Address Document
QuickGuide - How to Update Emergency Contact Document
QuickGuide - How to Update Personal Email Address Document
QuickGuide - Waitlist Guide for Students Document
Radiologic Technology Program - Hepatitis B Form RAD-18 Form
Radiologic Technology Program Handbook
Radiology Technology Structured Reference Form RAD-5 Form
Reading Strategies: SQ3R Document
Records Management - Public Records Request PO-4 Guideline
Release of Financial Aid Information FA-11 Form
Request for Waiver of Admissions Requirements SDR-3 Document
RTE Applicant Check-Off List RAD-15 Form
Scholarship Contract FA-58 Form
Sentence Types Document
Service Project Record OSL-8 Form
SGA Approved Bills Document
SGA Election Code - Approved by CCD Document
SGA Election Packet Document
SGA Meeting Minutes Document
Special Circumstances - Brochure Document
Step by Step Guide to Transfer Document
Steps to Enrollment Document
Student & Chaperone Travel FS-6 Guideline
Student Bylaws Document
Student Employment Supervisor Guide Document
Student Government Position Descriptions Document
Student Organization Active Member List OSL-1 Form
Student Organization Handbook Document