Travel Authorization Form

This form is used for approval of any College business-related travel involving an overnight stay or College student group travel, regardless of whether any costs will be incurred or reimbursement will be requested. Use in conjunction with FS-5, FS-6, FS-7, and FS-8.

Completed forms must be submitted for pre-approval at least thirty (30) days prior to travel or the traveler risks the request being denied. Travel purchases are not permitted until the completed form has been electronically approved and a TA# has been assigned by Fiscal Services. 


  1. Complete all required form fields and save a copy of the completed form to your computer.
  2. Email completed form to along with backup documentation of estimated travel costs (PDF printed quotes for airfare, mileage/parking/taxis, lodging, and registration fees).
  3. Fiscal Services travel contact will review form for completeness and validity and will contact the requester if additional information is needed. 
  4. Once all questions/requests for backup documentation have been resolved (if needed), the form will be uploaded to DocuSign and routed electronically for appropriate approval signatures.  The order of required approvals will be traveler, supervisor, org owner, VP, grant accountant (if grant-funded), CFO, and College President.
  5. Fiscal Services will assign TA# and email travelers with instructions on how to proceed.
Last updated: 
April 26, 2023