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Document Name Number Type Audience
Pets on College Property PO-1 Guideline Students
Photo & Video Release Form CS-1 Form Faculty & Staff
Photo Release Document Faculty & Staff
Policies & Guidebook Document Students
Popcorn Machine Rental Agreement OSL-4 Form Students
Position Approval Process HR-11 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Position Classification Review Form HR-37 Form Faculty & Staff
Position Description HR-10 Form Faculty & Staff
Post Graduation Reporting Pro-7 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Post-Graduation Student Contact Form PRO-25 Form Students
Posted Notices Bulletin Board PO-6 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Practical Nursing Admission Requirements Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Practical Nursing Disqualifying Criminal Offenses Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Practical Nursing Student Handbook Spring 2023-2024 Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Precensus Course Credit Exchange ARR-21 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Prerequisite Waiver AA-12 Form Faculty & Staff
Prerequisite Waiver for International Students AA-14 Form Faculty & Staff
Prioritization and Operations Group Template POG-1 Faculty & Staff, Secured
Private Loan Election Form FA-57 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
PRO-05 Classroom and Faculty/Instructor Observation Form PRO-05 Form Faculty & Staff
Processing Feedback TEST-3 Form Faculty & Staff
Professional Credential - Renewal Coursework Evaluation PRO-23 Form Faculty & Staff
Professional Development Report TLC-13 Form Faculty & Staff
Professional Judgment Request Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Program Assessment | Office of the Provost Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Program Intake Form TS-14 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Program of Study Change Request ORR-22 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Project Prioritization Process IT-5 Guideline Faculty & Staff, Secured
Purchase Approval - CCCS-IT Only IT-CCCS-1 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Purchasing Furniture PO-8 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Purchasing of Equipment with Perkins Funds Perkins-4 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Purchasing Personal Services HR-1 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Quick Receipt / Deposit Form CASH-1 Form Faculty & Staff
QuickGuide - Degree Works Document Students
QuickGuide - How to Add a Course Document Students
QuickGuide - How to Authorize Colorado Opportunity Fund Document Students
QuickGuide - How to Check Drop & Withdraw Dates Document Students
QuickGuide - How to Check Final Grades Document Students
QuickGuide - How to Drop or Withdraw from Class Document Students
QuickGuide - How to Install Office 365 Document Students, Faculty & Staff
QuickGuide - How to Request an Official Transcript Document Students
QuickGuide - How to Update Address Document Students
QuickGuide - How to Update Emergency Contact Document Students
QuickGuide - How to Update Personal Email Address Document Students
QuickGuide - Waitlist Guide for Students Document Students
Radiologic Technology - Job Shadow Documentation Form Students
Radiologic Technology Information Packet Document
Radiologic Technology Program - Hepatitis B Form RAD-18 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Radiologic Technology Program - Information and Advising Packet 61533 Document Students
Radiologic Technology Program Handbook Students