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Document Name Number Type Audience
D2L Videos and Guides for Students Document Students
Dependent Student with No Parental Data Form FA-5 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Detailed Transfer Checklist Document Students
Differences Between High Schools & College for Students with Disabilities Document Students
Digital Literacy Guides Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Digital Storytelling Guides Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Diploma Re-Order ORR-13 Form Students
Direct Deposit - Employee's Authorization for Electronic Funds Transfer HR-19 Form Faculty & Staff
Disability Discharge FA-29 Form Students
Disability Etiquette Tips Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Discrimination, Harassment & Sexual Misconduct Flyer Document Faculty & Staff
Displaced Aurarian Scholarship Instructions FA-44 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Disposal College-Owned Assets FS-9 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Disposal Perkins Equipment Perkins-2 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Doctor Information Letter AC-12 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Documentation of Disability AC-5 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Documentation of Lost of Unavailable Transaction Information FIS-27 Form Faculty & Staff
Donations Guideline PO-10 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Door Access Request EASS-2 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Drug Free Notification Packet - Drug Free Workplace Awareness Program HR-9 Form Faculty & Staff
Drug Free School Campuses & Workplace HR-8 Form Faculty & Staff
DSDR Student Contact Referral Form SDR-1 Document Faculty & Staff
E-Forms & E-Tools Faculty & Staff
E-Portfolio Presentation Rubric TS-2 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Early Alert System INST-19 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Educational Goals Form FA-67 Form Students
Educational Travel Abroad INST-2 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Emancipation for Tuition Purposes ARR-40 Form Students
Emergency Operations Plan Document Secured
Employee Disclosure of Outside Employment HR-32 Form Faculty & Staff
Employee Grievance Guideline HR-10 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Employee Separation Information Form HR-15 Form Faculty & Staff
Employee Travel FS-5 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Employee Travel Paid by Third Party FS-8 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Enrollment Administration & Student Success Annual Reports Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Enrollment Data | Fall 2021 - Census
Enrollment Data | Fall 2021 - Census
Enrollment Data | Fall 2021 - END OF TERM
Enrollment Data | Spring - 2022 Census
Enrollment Data | Spring 2020 Census
Enrollment Data | Summer 2020 - Census
Enrollment Statistics
Equipment Rental TLC-9 Form Faculty & Staff
Ethnicity & Race Data Collection ORR-30 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Excel Zone Online Learning Resources
Extenuating Circumstance Appeal Process Form PRO-1 Form Students
Fact Sheet Document Faculty & Staff
Faculty & Adjunct Instructor Welcome Letter HR-51 Form Faculty & Staff
Faculty and Instructional Credentialing PRO-8, PRO-32, INST-17, & INST-17 Addendum, PRO-09, PRO-10, PRO-23, PRO-53 Form Faculty & Staff
Faculty and Instructor Absence Guideline INST-29 Faculty & Staff, Secured