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Instructor, Arch Engineering/Construction Management
Phone: 303.556.2487
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Office Assistant
Phone: 303.556.2487
Smiling man with short brown hair and beard wearing a black shirt
HelpDesk Technician
Phone: 303.352.3011
Smiling person wearing a white shirt
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Phone: 303.352.6034
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Accounting Technician
Phone: 303.352.6352
Smiling person wearing a blue jacket and glasses
Assistant Professor of Communication
Phone: 303.352.3057
Man with short dark hair wearing glasses and light blue shirt
Associate Dean Health Sciences and STEM
Phone: 303.352.6203
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Instructor, Paralegal
Phone: 303.352.3061
Man wearing a yellow hoodie and glasses
Department Chair & Associate Professor, Welding
Phone: 303.352.3047
Smiling woman wearing a white sweater and red necklace
Executive Director of Workforce and Community Partnerships
Phone: 303.352.6911
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Instructor, Anthropology
Phone: 303.352.6473
Smiling woman with blonde hair in a red sweater
Professor, Performing Arts
Phone: 303.352.6856
Data Analyst
Phone: 303.352.6343
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Financial Aid Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 303.352.6585
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Professor, Biology
Phone: 303.352.3168
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Instructor, Biology
Phone: 303.352.6460
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Associate Director of Financial Aid Operations
Phone: 303.352.6587
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Onboarding Navigator
Phone: 303.352.6935
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Instructor, Art
Phone: 303.352.6473
Woman with long blond hair wearing glasses and a black and white print top
Director, Nursing Education Program
Phone: 303.365.8391
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Director, Workforce Innovation
Phone: 303.352.3322
Woman with long brown hair wearing an dark green top
Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Phone: 303.352.3056
Man wearing a red tee shirt
Assistant Professor, Welding
Phone: 303.352.3047