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Woman with wavy shoulder length highlighted hair wearing black top
Assistant Professor, Human Services
Phone: 303.352.6070
Instructor, Mathematics
Phone: 303.352.6812
Woman with dark brown updo wearing a taupe sweater
Associate Professor, Accounting
Phone: 303.352.6040
Smiling woman with a dark brown updo wearing good hoop earrings, glasses and black top
DMEC/STEM Core Student Success Coach
Phone: 303.352.3109
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Accounting Technician I
Phone: 303.352.6916
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Assistant Professor, Psychology
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Specialist, Creative Services
Phone: 303.352.6031
Man with dark brown hair, beard and mustache wearing a dark jacket and burgundy shirt
Professor, Visual Arts
Phone: 303.352.6530
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Assistant Professor, Graphic Design
Phone: 303.352.3158
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Instructor, Radiologic Technology
Phone: (303) 352-6460
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Assistant Professor, Information Technology
Phone: 303.352.3163
man with short grayish hair wearing a navy crew neck sweater
Educational Access Specialist
Phone: 303.352.3177
Smiling woman with wavy shoulder-length sandy hair wearing a black top
Senior Data Analyst
Phone: 303.352.3010
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Instructor, Dental Hygiene
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Communications & Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 303.352.3244