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Instructor, English & College Composition & Reading
Phone: 303.352.6473
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Phone: 303.365.8390
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Instructor, Sociology
Phone: 303.352.3061
Smiling woman with wavy shoulder length black hair wearing a bright red shirt
Student Success Technology Manger
Phone: 303.352.6958
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Academic Advisor
Phone: 303.352.3090
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Instructor, Radiologic Technology
Phone: 303.365.8302
Smiling person with medium length blond hair wearing a multi-colored dress and dangling earings
Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 303.352.6625
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Student Conduct Educator and Care Case Managers
Phone: (303) 352-3205
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Instructor, History
Phone: 303.352.6852
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Purchasing Coordinator
Phone: 303.352.6790
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Assistant Professor, Engineering
Phone: 303.352.6014
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Operations Specialist
Phone: 303.352.3276
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Intake and Retention Specialist
Phone: 303.352.6028
Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs
Phone: 303.352.6785
ESL Grant Instructor
Phone: 303.352.3078
Person with medium length blond hair wearing glasses and white top
Professor, Mathematics
Phone: 303.352.6417
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Onboarding Navigator
Phone: 303.352.3241
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Scheduling Manager
Phone: 303.352.3073
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Instructor, Criminal Justice
Phone: 303.556.2487
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Hourly Development Assistant
person with short red hair wearing black suit coat and purple shirt with tie
Dean of Instruction Business, Social, and Behavioral Science Pathway
Phone: 303.352.3209