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Young female with black wavy hair in white shirt.
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 303.352.3240
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Instructor, Geology
Phone: 303.352.6460
Man with green checked shirt and gray vest
Professor, English
Phone: 303.352.6808
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Academic Advisor
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Administrative Assistant II
Phone: 303.352.6460
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Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Phone: 303.352.6018
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Educational Access Specialist
Phone: 303.352.8746
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SAP Coordinator, Financial Aid Advisor
Phone: 303.352.3244
Woman with glasses wearing an orange shirt smiling.
Instructor, Biology
Phone: 303.352.6460
Woman with waving hair wearing a black shirt.
DEH Clinical Coordinator
Phone: 303.365.8335
Man with glasses wearing a tan shirt and smiling.
Department Chair & Professor, Computer Information Systems and Information Technology
Phone: 303.352.6017
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Assistant Professor, Engineering
Woman with glasses wearing a gray shirt with white polka dots.
Instructor, Mathematics
Phone: 303.352.6812
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Instructor, Mammography
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Instructor, Dental Hygiene
Phone: 303.365.8334
Woman with long hair wearing a white shirt.
Instructor, Communication
Phone: 303.352.6473
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Instructor, Radiologic Technology
Man with a smile wearing a white shirt with stripes.
Professor, History
Phone: 303.352.6859
Smiling person with short brown bob with bangs wearing multi-colored striped top
Concurrent Enrollment Support Specialist for Registration
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Assistant Professor Economics
Phone: 303.556.2487
Woman with a short blonde hair smiling.
Department Chair & Professor, Humanities, Literature, and Philosophy
Phone: 303.352.6861