Enrollment Administration & Student Success

Welcome to Community College of Denver!

We are pleased and honored you have chosen CCD to start or continue your higher education journey. Our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to gain quality, higher education and achieve personal and professional success in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Enrollment Administration and Student Success provide you with a student-centered, student-focused, and student-driven experience. From the moment you express interest in CCD, to all the way through the completion of your studies, we are here to help you fulfill your educational dreams, so you will become an impactful, successful, and proud graduate of Community College of Denver.

You are our priority and your success is our success! As you invest in your education, we are invested in you. It is our goal to provide you with the support and services you need until you have that certificate or degree in hand. We are committed to making your time at CCD productive and rewarding.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you, and welcome you to the CCD family!

Kevin L. Williams, Ph.D.
Vice President for Enrollment Administration & Student Success

This phrase is more than a tagline for our CityHawks. Rather, it represents the fulfilling of a promise that can be activated by our students’ hope, determination, and hard work. Whether your goal is to earn a certificate in a few weeks and get to work, or earn your associate degree and transfer to a university, CCD is the perfect place to accomplish your ambitions.

Our Programs & Centers

Our office oversees several student serving departments, including enrollment services, student development & retention, student life, and institutional research. Learn more about each of them below.

Enrollment Services

CCD provides comprehensive enrollment services that will assist students in maximizing their educational experience at CCD, including Admissions, Registration & Records, Financial Aid, and Student Recruitment and Outreach.

Student Development & Retention

The Office of Student Development and Retention at CCD creates opportunities to involve students, faculty and staff in diverse learning environments and delivers critical support for enriching the overall student experience. Through a large variety of programs, we will connect you with support and guidance so that you succeed in your academic goals while at CCD.

Student Life

The Office of Student Life’s purpose is to help you succeed as a student by creating a supportive environment that is both challenging and committed to your learning. At CCD, you have access to a lot of support services but oftentimes it’s hard knowing which ones work best for you. Whether it’s assisting you in finding the right club or organization or helping you find housing options, our committed student life staff are located in the Tivoli Student Center for your convenience.